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Written on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Recently I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit and now I’m eager to make a review of it.

The kit itself was packed in a cardboard box which housed a palette with 4 big round refill pans. The palette closes tightly with two magnets. When I opened it for the first time I could clearly smell the sweet scent. I wouldn’t say that it’s off putting, I liked it, it reminded me of some powder product’s smell.

There are different palettes in the collection: Gleam with more pink-ish colors and That Glow with golden hues.

Bring instant luminosity to the complexion with these four metallic powder highlighters. Just layer the highly blendable shades together or wear them separately on the eyes and body for a radiant look.

My version of the platte consists of the GLEAM products of 4 refill pans: highlighter/bronzer/illuminating powders

HARD CANDY - golden-pink color that shines in the sun with different colors.

MIMOSA - golden bronzing color. Unlike HARD CANDY it doesn’t give any play of colors in the sun.

STARBURST - gentle golden pink color. Technically it reminds me of HARD CANDY and shines in the sun.

CRUSHED PEARL - the fairest color in the palette. It’s a tad pinky and I noticed that it’s not as pigmented as the others. It creates a delicate glow from within on my skin and has no distinctive color.


At first I wanted to buy THE GLOW palette, as there are warmer colors and Sunburst could be be an ideal highlighting product and the rest were bronzer and contour powders. But at the very last minute, I changed my mind and opted for the GLEAM one.

In my GLEAM palette I appreciate the MIMOSA color most of all. I use this color most frequently as a highlighter and apply it on my cheekbones. Less often I use HARD CANDY as a highlighter as it doesn’t make my features pop as much as the MIMOSA one.

CRUSHED PEARL and STARBURST I use on the other parts of my face: usually I apply them on the brow bones, a little bit on the bridge of my nose and on my Cupid’s bow.

To get some other interesting and beautiful shades you can mix the colors together. You can vary the desired glow intensity, but don’t overdo or apply too much as there’s a risk to highlight skin’s texture and relief. That’s the only disadvantage about this kit.

The products are very easy to work with. They are well pigmented yet very soft and powdery. That’s why they dust a bit.

After I apply the highlighter, I powder my face with a usual powder brush and swipe off all the excess products.

I put the pictures of me wearing these products into the quote. In the last picture you can see well how beautifully the highlighter shines in the sun!

When the GLEAM palette gets into your hands it’s very IMPORTANT not to overdo. I know that you’ll have a desire to apply the products all over your face since they are stunningly beautiful but you should know that beautiful glow have nothing to do with oily shine. Looking beautiful on Instagram and looking oily in real life are completely different things. More and more often I just notice girls in the street with the highlighter on that can be seen from the across of the street. I know I sometimes can overdo myself, but I swipe the excess and wish you do the same. Smile


I like this kit very much and I’ll keep using it.

Have a nice shopping day! Smile

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