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1. What is has been created to help people share their experiences with products and services. On you can find reviews on cosmetics, electronics, cars, hotels, books, movies etc. If you want to write your own post, you have to register and confirm your Email address.

2. How much can I earn by writing reviews?

We add 1 ¢ to your account balance every time a unique human visitor reads your review. The number of views depends on the rating of your review. Best reviews, which contain high quality photos, are usually at the top of the thread and have large number of views. If your review is helpful, it will eventually take its rightful place. So if you want to increase your income, all you have to do is to write helpful reviews with unique photos.

3. How can I find a review?

Every product or service on has its thread, you can easily find it by keywords. Use a "Search" button at the top of webpage.

4. How can I buy this product? Can I use it? How can I contact the reviewer? is not an online store and we do not provide support for the products because we don't sell them. We publish unbiased opinions by our members. If you have any questions concerning the product, contact the manufacturer. We don't give away personal information of our members (see also: Privacy policy). In order to get in touch with the reviewer, sign up, confirm your email address and respond to him\her in private messages or comments.



5. How can I write a review?

Read Terms & Conditions and make sure that your review meets our requirements. First you have to find a thread for the product you would like to describe. Use the "Search" button at the top of webpage. Choose your product in the list of threads. Click on the "Write a review" button.

6. What if the thread for my product doesn't exist?

Try again, using other keywords. Check your spelling. Please note that different shades of one eye shadow (lip stick, nail polish etc.) must be placed in one thread. If you still can't find the suitable thread, you have to create a new one.

Step 1. Click on the "Add a review" link on the main page. Press "Add it to the catalog!".

Step 2. On the next page you have to add some product information: input product or collection name, choose brand and product type from the lists. If there's no appropriate item, click on the Other in the bottom of the list and input your information in the field. Choose and upload product image. You can take it from the official website of the manufacturer (but you may not attach pictures from the internet to the review body itself).

Step 3. Write a review. Please insert only photos made by you.

7. How can I edit my review?

You can not post two or more reviews in the same thread, so if you want to update your review, you have to edit it. Open the relevant thread, click on the "Write a review" button and then go to the "Edit" tab.

8. How can I insert links into the review body?

1) Highlight the text that you would like to make clickable.

2) Click on the "Paste/edit link" (button with clip symbol).

3) Paste the URL in the field. Press OK.

Reviews with referral links and advertisements will be removed.

9. How can I add a photo to my review?

There are two groups of images you upload to

1) The main image you upload when you create a new thread. This image appears at the top of the thread. You may take it from Internet.

2) The photos, attached to the review body, have to be made by you.

Follow these steps to add pictures to the review you're working at:

1) Choose and upload the image.

2) Insert your cursor in the place in the review where you want the image to appear.

3) Click on the reduced image. The code {IMAGE:1} shows the place in the text where the image appears.

4) Press the "Send" button.

If you upload images without inserting them into text, they will appear reduced on the right hand side of your review.

10. How can I put a quote in my review?

All the reviews have to be unique and based on your personal experience. Every review submitted on the site is checked for plagiarism. If you are citing any manufacturer information, scientific papers and/or any other sources, you have to mark the unoriginal text as a quotation, otherwise your review will be removed.

Follow these steps:

1) Highlight the non-unique text in the review (the text that is not based on your own experience).

2) Click on the Quotation marks on the toolbar.

11. Why was my review removed?

We reserve the right to remove reviews that violate our Terms & Conditions. For more information, contact us.