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NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Do you want to add another 20 years to your eyes? Then you need this NYX COTTAGE CHEESE eye pencil! A lot of sad eyes pictures are inside

Sibilla11's picture
Honestly, I adore NYX cosmetics. In the photo below you can see a set of products which I use on a daily basis for my makeup. Well, this eye pencil is there too, because I really tried to tame it and fit into my makeup routine for a really long time.Read more

Chanel Le Volume Revolution de Chanel Mascara

Are you sure that you need the new Chanel Le volume revolution mascara?

miamiolga's picture
Recently I managed to get my hands on the mini of the new Chanel Le Volume Revolution de Chanel mascara. In my review, I’ll tell you whether it has managed to become my Holy Grail product or not. Chanel always treats us with their minis of new launches, which is very pleasant.Read more

ColourPop My Little Pony Eyeshadow Palette

A unicorn palette

_Sofya_Noblossom_'s picture
This palette was actually the first eyeshadow palette of mine. Rather unusual for the first try, isn’t it? But it’s super cute and, so to speak, childish design melted my heart. I didn’t even pay much attention to the shades.Read more


Polyester pillows aren’t for sleeping. It’s so inconvenient to sleep on, even though there are some advantages

Olgben's picture
  The safe synthetic filling material is actually a rambunctious cotton wool. On doctor’s advice, we had to change all the pillows and blankets in our house to the new and synthetic ones because of an allergy.Read more

Clinique Lash Power Long-Wearing Mascara

It’s an excellent mascara! Hurry up and buy it!!!

Sibilla11's picture
Mascara. This is the priciest bit of my makeup collection. I was looking for my Holy Grail mascara for a very long time, until I’ve found THIS ONE. My story of choosing a mascara-  My skin is combo, which tends to be oily.Read more

ColourPop Jelly Much Shadow

Brand new ColourPop Jelly Much ★ Unusual texture, effects and impressions of use ★ Photos, swatches and also makeup looks with the shades We Jammin", "Half Moon", "Once&Floral" ★

Annitr's picture
Hello, pretties! Recently the American ColourPop brand released their new Jelly Much eyeshadow collection. And of course, being a makeup junkie, it was torture for me to withstand. So, now I’m here to share my thoughts on it. Meet the brand new ColourPop Jelly Much Eyeshadow!Read more

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

A reliable multi-tool for small jobs

Vadjon's picture
Some years ago I decided to buy a multi-tool. Right away, I was impressed with the selection of brands and different forms of them. So, I had to think of the criteria which my tool should fulfill. First of all, I needed a reliable buddy.Read more

Lime Crime Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette

★ The maximum of Venus - Lime Crime Venus XL - hot or not? ★ Texture, effects and my experience with the palette ★ Photos, swatches and also 7 makeup looks are inside ★

Annitr's picture
Hello beautiful ladies! Today I’d like to tell you about the fourth Venus palette that I own - Lime Crime Venus XL . The packaging is made of thick cardboard material, the same as of the previous launches. The top lid opens up 360 degrees and it has a magnet closure and a mirror inside.Read more

Sephora Waterproof Brow Builder

A SECRET! How to make your eyebrows look thicker! The Sephora Brow Builder - 💦 Swim as much as you want! Waterproof brow gel in the shade 01 Honey Blonde on the brunette's brows + PHOTOS of my makeup

Beautevina's picture
Hello there! Do you like your brows? Or maybe you want them to be thicker or darker? I know that if your brows are naturally sparse, then there will never be any magic wand to help them to grow. But no one will ever prohibit you if you draw fake eyebrows.Read more

The Balm Timebalm Anti-Wrinkle Concealer

It’s an excellent concealer which will camouflage all your skin blemishes.

Amyr04ka's picture
Hello there! Today I’m bringing you my rave review of a concealer, which is from The Balm brand. It’s so small and cute! It came packed with a square colorful cardboard box:   One of the sides provides us with the list of ingredients: The inside of the box also provides us with some info, though it …Read more
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