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Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator

Very expensive and rather mediocre product.

rozario07's picture
Hey there! For a long time, I was willing to try out the lip care line from Fresh because many bloggers praise it. Once I had a chance, I bought an essential minimum for me. And today I want to tell you about their lip polish. I can’t say that my lips are problematic in winter.Read more

Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick

All natural lipstick? It’s a questionable new product from Jane Iredale

Lia's picture
Hello people! Do you love nude lipsticks and eyeshadows? Is the natural-based makeup your choice?If so, then you need to read my review for sure! Today I want to talk about Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist LipStick from Jane Iredale .Read more

The Balm TheBalmJour Lip Stain

A lip stain that stole my heart: the staying power and pigmentation are on fleek! Shade Hola + quick swatches of 7 shades

Agliusha's picture
BalmJour, gals! Matte lipsticks seem to be vanishing in winter and replaced by trendy brilliant glows! Choosing between a dead matte lipstick or a glossy one, I’ll always opt for the glossy for sure! Such lipsticks look more lively on my face and it is able to conceal my blemishes.Read more

NARS Orgasm Infatuation Palette

ORGASM for your face. My review of the most hyped products from NARS - Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blusher.

lui_beauty's picture
Hello there! I had to try hard to get my hands on this palette. Unfortunately, this collection wasn’t available in my town or I was just in the clouds when it was released. So, I had to kinda track it to buy.   Packaging : can you see that? The design of the palette is already worth buying it.Read more

Clarins SOS Comfort Face Mask

Cinderella’s face mask. The results vanish exactly after midnight. It’s immediate but not long-lasting.

Sostenza's picture
Hello there! I’m a fan of the Clarins brand. Some time ago they released their collection of facial masks and I wanted to try them out. Unfortunately, I was dissatisfied with the results, but first things first.Read more

Smashbox Spotlight Palette

Delicate and beautiful glow with Smashbox «Spotlight palette». Photos of my makeup + macro shots Let’s have a look at this glow in action! :)

Ol_K1991's picture
Good evening! It’s a must-read review for everyone who loves the glow and shine! Today I want to tell you about the Smashbox «Spotlight Palette » I’ve already known branded palettes before because I used to have a contouring powder from it and the highlighter which was used up the fist.Read more

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick

Ash-rose Marc Jacobs lipstick. To buy or not to buy?

lui_beauty's picture
Hello, today we’ll talk about lipstick from one of Sephora’s beauty boxes. Packaging: A classy black casing which closes with a click. Size : 1.7g Made in the USA Shelf life: 12 months Name : Slow Burn (246) Smell : pleasant and sweet Texture : thick and creamy Application : the texture of the…Read more

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

A huge palette in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill! 35 shades of different finishes - perfection for makeup experiments. Are all the shades good in quality and what do I lack about this palette?

wowmom's picture
Hello there!   For a very long time, I was longing to have this palette but I wasn’t mentally ready to splurge $38 on it.   But one day I just decided to splurge my monthly payment from this site and eventually bought it.     This palette was created in collab with the popular blogger Jaclyn Hill.Read more

Dior Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Cream

Anti-aging, wrinkle correcting intensive cream. Dior Capture XP Creme Haute Correction Rides

Sweet_Cherry's picture
Today I’m here with a review of face cream from the Dior brand. I’ll tell you about the product promises and my impressions of use within 3 months. Dior Capture XP Creme Haute Correction Rides     Let’s have at what they are promising:   Design - the cream is packed with a beautiful oval thick…Read more

J. Cat Beauty Matte Diary Lipstick

Not at all matte “matte” lips of the cold one or how to fit the dead-like lippie into makeup of an alive human being

Dahlia's picture
Hello there, my dear readers! Spring is here and I want to fill my makeup pouch with some new items and explore some different brands. I hadn’t ever heard about the J.Cat beauty brand, so looking through the available assortment, I concluded that it was a regular makeup brand with nothing extra in…Read more
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