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Privacy Policy

1. Terms and key concepts


When you use (hereinafter “the Service”), owned by the Irecommend Reviews LTD ("we", "the Company"), we receive and process various types of data, including personal data ("Personal Information"). In addition, we interact with your personal information when fulfilling the agreements and contracts, concluded between us (see “Terms and Conditions”)


2. Contact details


Your personal information is processed by the Company - a legal entity created under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and registered at: 1070, Cyprus, Nicosia, Ioanni Kliridi, 2


3. Purposes of Privacy Policy


Your personal data protection and your privacy is one of the Company's priorities.


In this section we will cover the following points concerning the processing of your personal data:


1) for what and how concretely the Company processes personal information;

2) what responsibilities we assume as a legal entity;

3) how you can manage the amount of the processed information;

4) your rights as a data subject


4. What types of information are collected by the Service


It mostly depends on whether you are logged in and use your account to access the Service or visit it anonymously. When you are logged in, the personal information, collected by us can be compared and related to the information that you provide in your account (gender, age, contact details, etc.). This type of information can not be verified; we can not posit if it is true or whether you have the legal capacity to present it. By default, we assume that you provide us reliable information and keep it updated.


We collect the following types of information:


1) personal information that you provide when creating your user account, e.g your login and e-mail address;

2) electronic data (http headers, IP address, cookies, web beacons/pixel tags, browser information, your hardware and software information);

3) date and time of your visits;

4) information about your preferences, concerning using the Service (such as bookmarks, list of reviews you found useful etc.)

5) in order to ensure the withdrawal of money earned when using the Service we need information about the receiver of payment such as first and last name, country/city of Residence and other account details that may be required for a money transfer

6) other types of information which are important for maintaining the Service and fulfillment of our obligations.


We use cookies and web beacons (including pixel tags) to collect your Personal information for associating it with your device and web browser (see Section 11 of this Policy below).


We never collect any information about your racial or ethnic origin, political preferences, health and biometric data or any other sensitive information. You may voluntarily provide us with such information and in this case we will process it in accordance with applicable law. Please note that we may not request your consent of processing this information, since we do not know in advance that you intend to provide us with information of a potentially sensitive nature.

We do not collect any information to portrait a user, which may potentially violate your rights and freedoms.


5. Legal basis and purposes


We use and process your personal information only in the following cases:


a) to fulfill the contractual obligations between you and the Service, including the maintaining of the Service;

b) to fulfill the obligations established by law;

c) to ensure the legitimate interests of the Company in case it does not affect your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.


For instance, we can process your Personal Information to:


1) analyze, change, personalize or otherwise improve the Service for the benefit of all users;


2) offer services, goods and services which can be potentially interesting to you (i.e. we show you personally-targeted advertising);


3) for other more specific purposes we may ask for additional consent for the processing of your Personal Information.


We process Personal Information only for a specific purpose and only in order to achieve this purpose. For instance to:


a) provide you access to the Service;

b) provide you an opportunity to restore access to your user account;

c) to ensure notifications or other information related to the Service, to execute our agreements with you or process your requests or applications;

d) provide advertisements and commercial offers, based on your preferences and other Personal Information available to the Service;

e) ensure the withdrawal of the funds you earn when using the Service.

f) protect your rights and the rights of the Company


6. How we protect protect your Personal Information


In most cases your Personal Information is processed automatically i.e. without access to it by the staff of the Company. Your Personal information may be processed by those employees of our Company, whose tasks require using it when necessary. Our employees strictly follow our internal rules regarding processing your personal information, including all the technical and organisational safety protocols.


We implement many technical and organisational security measures in order to protect your personal information against unauthorised, accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, misuse, disclosure or access and against all other unlawful forms of processing.


7. Who has access to your Personal Information and with whom it can be shared.


7.1. Within our Company.


Only those employees whose tasks require using this information may have access to your personal data, and only for the purposes listed in the Section 5, unless otherwise specified in the Terms of Use.


7.2. Outside our Company.


Our company can share your Personal information with third parties only in the following cases and for the following purposes:


1)the information about the pages you visited and similar electronic data (http headers, IP address, cookies, web beacons/pixel tags, browser information, information about software and hardware) may be shared with advertisers and other partners of the Company in order to show you ads based on your interests.


2) your Personal information may be shared with third parties to whom we assign or novate any of our rights or obligations under a relevant agreement.


3) Your Personal information may be shared with any national or international regulatory, central or local government department and any other statutory authority upon request and in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.


4) your Personal information may be shared with third parties upon your consent, when the transfer of the information is required in order to provide you any service or implement any agreement between you and our Company.


5) In order to protect the legitimate rights of the Company, we reserve the right to transfer your Personal information to a third party if you violate our Terms of Use or if there is a threat of such violation.


8. Where we store and process your Personal information


We record, systematize, accumulate, store, clarify (updates, changes), extract Personal information using databases located on the territory of Cyprus and Germany.


9. How long we store your Personal information


We only store your Personal information as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose of its collection or to comply with legal requirements.


You can remove your Personal information from your account any time, using the interface of our website.


10. Clarification of your rights:


10.1. What rights you have


You can access and edit your Personal information we store and process any time. If you think that this information is incorrect or incomplete, you can log in to your account and edit it.


You also have the right to:


- request removal of your Personal information


- request the restriction of the processing of your data


- object to the processing of your Personal information if it is provided by applicable law


Such requests will be processed by the Company in accordance with applicable law.


You may be subject to other rights not specifically listed herein, when such rights are provided by applicable law.


10.2. How to exercise your rights


Log in to your user account at the Service or let us know by submitting a support request (See section 13).


If you have any complaints regarding the processing of your Personal information, you can let us know by creating a support request. If you are not satisfied with the response of the Company, you have the right to make a complaint to the data protection authority.


11. Cookies and similar technologies.


11.1 What are cookies and what we use them for


Cookies are text files saved on the device you use to access our Service. They contain information collected from your device and sent back to the Service on each subsequent visit in order to help us remember your actions and preferences.


The following types of cookies are used on the Service:

  • strictly necessary cookies / technical cookies: these cookies are required to run the Service

  • statistical / analytic cookies: these cookies help us recognise users, count the number of users and collect information such as your actions on the Service (the web pages you visit and the content you receive);

  • performance cookies: these cookies collect information about your interaction with the Service, helping us find errors and test new features to improve the performance of the Service;

  • functional cookies: these cookies help us to provide you with various features in order to improve your experience with the Service, for example by storing your preferences (e.g. language and location);

  • (third party) tracking / advertising cookies: these cookies collect information about users, sources of traffic, page visits and advertising displayed to you and followed by you. Thanks to these cookies we can show you ads based on your interests. These cookies are also used for statistical and research purposes.


11.2 How long are these cookies stored on your device


We use cookies only for the purposes listed above. The collected data will be stored on your device for a period of time which depends on the type of the cookie, but no longer than necessary to achieve its purpose. The information will be removed automatically thereafter.


11.3 Who else has access to the information the information that cookies contain


The personal information from the cookies may be used and accessed by us or the third parties (see section 7). The use of Personal information outside of the Service for advertising purposes may be subject to separate policies available on the third parties’ websites. We or our partners may provide you a possibility to opt out of receiving targeted ads.


When you access the Service for the first time, your approval for the use of these cookies may be requested. If you have approved but then changed your mind, you can make a different choice by deleting the cookies stored by your browser. The popup window will show up again and you can make a different choice. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, some features of the Service might become unavailable. You may also set up your browser preferences to accept or decline by default all cookies or cookies from specific websites, including ours. If you approved the use of cookies on the website, we assume that you gave us your permission to use cookies.


We might also use web beacons (pixel tags) to access the cookies previously placed on your device for the following purposes:

(i) to track your actions on the Service, by accessing and interacting with the cookies stored on your device;

(ii) to collect statistical information related to operating the Service

12. Changes and Updates


The current privacy policy can be changed and updated at the discretion of the Company or in accordance with applicable law. You’ll be notified about any updates via a pop-up window or a banner. Also, we can send such notifications via email.


13. Feedback


We will gladly answer any questions regarding this privacy policy. You can use this page to get in touch with us:


If you have any complaints or any kind of important information concerning this policy or the processing of your Personal data, please let us know.