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Written on Friday, December 22, 2017

I usually buy seppia for my lovebirds. Seppia is a mineral stone with cuttlefish bone.

I always have problems with finding seppia without color additives. Since I couldn’t find it clear, I had to buy it colored and was always a little bit worried about my birds.


For example look at my hands when I touch the colored seppia (it was a little bit wet)

And recently I faced the cuttlefish bone by Padovan which was white:

  • Country of origin: Italy

  • Made in Thailand

  • It looks like a stone

  • Weight: 14g



Besides being rich in calcium (34%), the cuttlefish bone is necessary for the cleaning and accurate sharpening of the birds beaks.



Bio stone and mineralized cuttlefish bone.



Carton box with a plastic window for the stone. On the back all the information about the product is given.



It isn’t big. It’s a little bit smaller than my palm and it weighs only about 14g.

Color: white. No color additives


It looks and feels like a stone Smile


How to hang the stone:

The product has a metal bracing which I find extremely dangerous. We all know that birds are usually very curious and if they see something shiny they immediately want to try it out. I’m afraid that my birds will get into this bracing with their beaks one day.


I read that sometimes birds get caught with this bracing so much that their beaks start bleeding.

So, the very first day I bought this seppia stone, I took the metal bracing off (which was very easy by the way) and simply put the product between the cage’s twigs.

My birds love this stone very much!

Highly recommended!

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CharlieX recommends Padovan Osso di Seppia Cuttlefish Bone

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Brand: Padovan
Category: Bird Food
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