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Written on Friday, June 22, 2018
Pros: active, beautiful, doesn't require special care, don't conflict with other dogs, ears!!!, funny and very kind, group dog, loyal, sociable
Cons: chews everything, sheds all the time

Hello everybody!

A year ago we bought a beagle puppy. It was impossible to stay calm looking at this cute muzzle!

little puppy
little puppy

Before the purchase, we visited the puppy, looked at the place where she was bred and looked at her mother.

her mother
her mother

A month later it was the high time to take the dog home. Of course she was very nervous and cried a lot because she left her mum (we used to cry with her together). At first my husband and I were cuddling the puppy a lot and even let her lie on the couch with us (which was a huge mistake, by the way).

Two months later we decided to attend dog training courses. Our dog was very quick at understanding the information, though after the third visit, we understood that our dog knew nothing new there. So, this is when YouTube videos of dog trainers entered our life. We were travelling every month and our dog was travelling with us. When she was too tired to come, my husband would take her up and carry her in his hands, otherwise she just layed on the ground and refused to go. She really reminded me of a stubborn donkey, which always drags the leash.

this is how she drags the leash
this is how she drags the leash

Nine months later we had a baby. During the whole time of my pregnancy, the dog was always near me. She used to sniff my belly so funny. But after a while, she understood that she didn’t get enough attention and started to poop at home. I also noticed that her coat was shedding more and there was even some dandruff on her skin. Later we managed to control our life with the baby and again pay a lot of attention to our dog. (play, walk, etc.)

a boat trip
a boat trip

We train her every time we walk out (for example, each time when there’s another dog out there, we give our pet a treat to grab her attention and then she doesn’t pay any attention to other dogs at all). We feed her 2 times a day. We always take the food away 15 minutes later, so as to control her appetite.


1. The beagle dog should never be allowed to stay at home alone. If you work, then you’ll have to keep it in a cage. The thing is that the dog can chew everything - starting from a couch and finishing with your shoes.

2. You should have a very strict dietary regime. The dog must always have a bowl filled with water (as all the dogs for sure).

3. The breed is very active. Our dog isn’t tired even after a 10 km walk (even when her owners are literally exhausted).

4. You’ll have to take care of the dog’s coat and comb it at least once a week with a special brush or a pet grooming mitt.

5. The dog will choose its owner itself. Usually they tend to choose a man as the main owner.

6. The breed is sociable and very happy to see guests. It also feels frustrated when everybody leaves home. It’s a typical group-like kind of dog.


Thanks for reading my post! I hope that it was informative for your!

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