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Written on Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Pros: active, beautiful, ears!!!
Cons: a beggar, always hungry, sometimes can be a bit aggressive

My home was empty, I was alone and there was nobody to speak to in the evenings. I moved to a new town and barely had any friends. I didn’t want to watch the telly and degrade slowly. I wanted to walk in the evening and this is actually how I came up with the idea of having a dog.

Choosing a breed, I was looking at the sizes of dogs. I didn’t want to have a very small dog (because I was afraid to step on it at night and harm it accidentally). I also didn’t want to have a very big dog, since my flat was pretty small.

I started to look through medium sized dogs. I wanted my dog to be active, this is why the choice was narrowed down. I don’t like fragile dogs (like whippet, for instance). Yet still, there were so many breeds to choose from, that it was very difficult for me to decide which one to have. There were so many cute little puppies, that I was almost ready to buy all of them! I was almost confused, when I actually saw HIM!

The beagle…

He was the cutest among the others. He had long and fluffy ears and very beautiful and outlined eyes. I googled the price, called some breeders and headed to look at the puppies. (At that time I had no idea on how to choose a dog).

I knew it for sure that I wanted a male dog. Don’t ask me why, it was just a personal quirk of mine.

When I was there they said that they had 5 female and 1 male beagle puppies. When I saw all those puppies I was speechless. Small beagle dogs are little cuties with small fluffy ears, pink bumpy and pink heels. I was immediately surrounded by all those 5 female puppies, who were trying to get in my hands and lick them with their pink and warm tongues.

And you might wonder what that male puppy was doing at that time. He was anxiously standing aside barking at me. When I tried to approach him, his bark became louder and the dog stepped aside. The breeder tried to persuade me to take one of the female dogs, because they were all fawning and cute. But I was stubborn and still tried to catch the male.

And you know, it was so difficult to leave the place without a dog in my hands. It was even more difficult because at home I had already had all the stuff ready for him like toys, a sleeping bag and a bowl. But still I had to come home alone. I just didn’t like the way the breeder tried to press and persuade me to take the female dog.

One night later I become more decisive and was sure to take the male. Of course I knew that he wasn’t as sociable as the females there, but I knew that he would be Mine. My boy, my little beagle.

And I actually took him.

Meet please Williams Golden's Sir Vip. I call him just Willy.

I was waiting for the first night in terror. I knew that my place was unknown for him and that he would miss his mum and cry a lot (bark). I was ready to face all that terror, but it didn’t actually happen. The puppy was peacefully sleeping in his bag. Later I found out that my puppy was exhausted with the long road and even now he sleeps a lot after a long trip. The next night was a disaster. He was yelping all night long.

Beagle dogs are corrupted. The one who feeds him is a friend. And my dog understood it very quickly. He and his little tail were chasing me everywhere. He was so afraid of losing me that he literally accompanied me even when I need to go to the toilet.

We didn’t walk outside because we had to stay at home for some time after the vaccination. I tried to make him to pee on a puppy pad and I can remember how proud I was when he eventually understood what I wanted him to do.

By the way, it was pretty easy to teach him some tricks, but only in case I had a treat for him instead. If I didn’t have a treat in my hands, he used to play at being deaf.

Willy was growing and our problems started to grow too.

He started mischief and trashed my flat. I can remember how mentally prepared I tried to be, counting from 1 to 10 each time before opening the door at home.

Beagle dogs have a piquant wit. He can easily pull out a plug or make a mess on your bed.

When he was a puppy, he used to get sick at times. I was a very frequent visitor of a local vet and truly desired to be sick myself, rather than him.

I can remember it well when he stopped peeing at home. It was our little victory. By the way, I highly recommend you to put a car floor mat under a puppy pad, because the laminated flooring at my house bubbled at the places where the puppy peed.

But the dog kept on trashing my house. It was summer and we were walking 4 times a day for 2 hours at a dog playground. He was so active there. But once I left him at home alone, he quickly turned out in a small, cute yet monstrous dog. I know that he didn’t do all the harm intentionally, he was just very active and didn’t know how to control all his energy at home.

Thank God, my home didn’t have designer interiors or designer furniture. I was rather philosophic in terms of all the mess that my dog used to do. The most important thing for me was that he was safe and sound.

Some people recommended that I take in one more beagle puppy to stop the crushing in my house. But I wasn’t ready to have another dog. But I decided to get a cat. And once the cat entered our home, the crush stopped. However, maybe the dog has become more intelligent by that time and the cat doesn’t play a role here, I don’t know.

By the way, even now, the same as being a puppy, my dog doesn’t like strangers. Unless they have food, of course. He really loves me, visitors that he knows, and the cat.

He quickly learned all the tricks. We haven’t visited any dog training courses and I taught him everything myself at home.

We don’t visit any pet shows, for me my dog is already the best, I don’t need that.

The dog really taught me to clean after myself. “If you left anything behind, that means that you don’t need it anymore” - this is literally what my beagle is thinking about each time a leave anything in his reach. Your house will always be clean and I’m sure that you’ll vacuum clean your house 2 times a day once the dog is shedding. Or you’ll simply buy a smart vacuum cleaner.

My dog is spoiled by me, this is why he sleeps on my bed. It doesn’t bother me at all.

A beagle is a hound dog. This is why I’m really afraid to unleash him outside in the city. If he sniffs anything interesting, he’ll chase that smell straight ahead and you’ll have to wait for him to come back. Luckily, he always comes back following his owns traces. (We checked it in the hunting field.)

My dog is always hungry and he’s never full.

For a long time he used to pick up food in the streets (when he was small he used to pick up not only food but also cigarette butts, paper, etc).

But despite everything, he is my joy and my pride. He is a full member of my family. There wasn’t a day when felt sorry that I preferred him and not any of those mega-sociable females and eventually came back for this male.


He’s 3 years old now and stopped turning my place into a mess a long time ago. Now he enjoys sleeping most of all, as well as eating, playing with a ball and of course he loves me a lot.

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