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Written on Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hi everyone! Let me tell you something about my Chow Chow bear.

First of all, I love dogs. When I grew up, there were always dogs of different breeds in our house. I had a Pomeranian once, but unfortunately we had to part.

Once when I was leafing through ads I saw that there was a Chow Chow boy looking for a new home. Some time before, our old German shepherd had died and we were eager to adopt a new dog.

I’ve always loved Chow Chow breed. Whenever I saw one, I couldn’t help but admire their beauty, graceful behavior, gorgeous manes and of course the adorable purple tongues. I always had to restrain myself, you know, because you can’t simply run to another person’s dog and hug them.

Anyway, I called and rehomed a 8-months-old Chow Chow male.

He was very quiet at first, I’d even say, timid. He didn’t bark, didn’t run around and didn’t play. We put him in a really big dog’s enclosure but after two nights of whimpering we let him run in our patio.

His previous owner said he never barks, even at cats. But no such luck:) At first, he didn’t really bark and we even said that we’d bought a big cat Smile But after a few months he started guarding his territory and sometimes barked as furiously as though he were a vicious fighting dog, not a sweet adorable Chow Chow Smile

Also, he started chasing cats, and with pleasure.

Concerning his attitude to his humans, I’d say he got used to us pretty quickly. He felt suspicious at first and never let me touch his paws etc, but it’s been 6 months now, and everything has changed for the better.

He’s become kind and easygoing. My child can even take something out of his mouth and he’s okay with that.

He had no problems living outside in the winter (we took him into the house in the night, though). However, he felt really hot and sluggish in the summer, thanks to his thick fur. Once, we took him to the seaside and he ran and played in the water so happily!

Anyway, as I’ve already mentioned, a dog’s behavior depends above all on the owner and the conditions the dog lives in. And please remember:

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

And a few photos:

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