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Written on Monday, December 18, 2017
Pros: lasts for good, magnificent smell, stylish design

Hello there!

We usually say, my cosmetics must-have, my skin care must-have, my kitchen must-have, so must-haves are everywhere nowadays. So, let me also tell you about my home must-have which is the White Jasmine Air Freshener Sticks by the very famous brand Zara Home.

I guess that you know what that product is for but still, I’ll cite it again: the product is to make your home smell fine and cozy.

Let’s pass over to the details:


This is how the manufacturer describes the product:

The floral freshness of this fragrance seduces lovers of floral notes. A bouquet of wild flowers featuring intoxicating jasmine and the delicate freshness of lily of the valley.

The manufacturer chose the right words to describe this home fragrance: seductive, bouquet, delicate freshness. They all are so true to life.


As for the design, I can describe it with these words: smart and simple.

You can see the square glass bottle with the yellow liquid fragrance inside. In the bottle there are sticks which spread the fragrance out.

This air freshener will beautifully flatter any home’s interior, since there are no frills about the bottle.




Look how cute it looks Smile


The product retails in two sizes: 100ml (like mine) and 200ml

My 100ml bottle cost $29.95

While the price isn’t low, I won't take a star off for it. I hardly ever take off stars for the price of the product, as I believe that, if I love the product and I’m absolutely delighted with its quality, then the product is worth its price. And everybody has its own merit of what’s cheap or expensive.

For those who are worried about the spending of the product, I can state the following: this air freshener lasts very long. I’m sure that it’ll last you for at least 6 months. My first bottle with this fragrance lasted me for 7 months (or even more), I liked it so much that quickly bought a second one.


In the collection there are many fragrances. It isn’t limited only to the White Jasmine fragrance:


✔ black vanilla;

✔ green herbs;

✔ ginger lily;

✔ pure gardenia;

✔ dark amber.


I think that everybody will find their fave in this collection.


It’s obvious that the keynote in this fragrance should be White Jasmine. But for me, this note doesn’t preval here. I can feel it mixed with the lily of the valley which creates a rather pleasant and interesting mixture.

The fragrance consists of three base notes:

white jasmine

lily of the valley


And the last note is the most difficult to make out, I think.


CONCENTRATION:This fragrance is very concentrated hence it makes your place smell nicely very quickly. You’ll definitely feel its smell once you enter the room where the air freshener sticks are staying.

If you put the diffuser in the lobby, each time you come home, you’ll be welcomed with the pleasant aroma.

The fragrance isn’t right-in-your-nose or obtrusive. I never suffer from headaches because of it. It doesn’t have those components that usually chase us and makes us sick.

Honestly, I can’t imagine my place without these lily of valley and white jasmine notes.


I want to say that, once I tried this home air freshener sticks by Zara, I immediately fell for them. I think you can see that since I've already bought the second bottle of the product.

If you love home fragrances then I undoubtedly recommend you buy one. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

I assess the White Jasmine air freshener​ with ★★★★★ and highly recommend you get acquainted with this product. Smile

Thank you for your attention!

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Papatya recommends Zara Home Air Freshener Sticks

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