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Written on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

When I was a small girl we had a boxer dog at home, so all my childhood was around vacuum cleaning the carpet. I was pretty aware that short hair dogs shed as much as the longer haired breeds.

When I grew up and had an opportunity to choose a dog myself, I still opted for the short haired breed. If the short haired breeds shed so much, I can’t even imagine how much hair there would be when a long haired dog starts shedding…

3 years ago we bought the pug Fenny.

And a few months later I already had an impression that pugs shed all year round. No matter how many times a day I vacuum cleaned our carpet, there was still a lot of small dead hairs in it.

I tried to groom the dog with a cat brush but the result was so-so. The dead hair was still on the dog’s body. I used to look at the side of the FURminators but the price was too high for me and I usually left the vet with nothing.

Even I don’t have such a pricey brush.



The blow off happened last spring when her shedding became unbearable. I was tired from vacuuming two times a day, so I quickly ran to buy the FURminator.


Price: $40 for a lifesaving tool.


FURminator Dog Short Hair

This is made in the USA and is a legend among the FURminators. If you decide to buy a FURminator then choose not the one that’s cheaper, but the one that will suit you dog’s coat. It’s so important not to irritate the pet’s skin and efficiently brush out the dead undercoat.

It was blister packed with a lot of useful information on.

The original FURminator has some distinctive signs. For example, the colorful label on the front.



There are a lot of types of FURminators: for small and large dogs and for short and long haired breeds.

There are also some exemplars for cats. Don’t neglect the recommendations as all the FURminators are different. And of course think wisely, I don’t think that you’ll find it convenient to groom you large dog with a small pug FURminator, for example.

Honestly, when I was at the vet clinic I doubted which FURminator to take, as I don’t know whether my pug is small or medium. Thank God there was a picture of a pug on one of them, which I actually bought.



It’s S size, by the way.


For short hair dogs up to 20 lbs


The furminator is very ergonomic.


The handle doesn’t slip out my hand even when it’s boiling hot.



The FURminator is made of stainless steel and has the brand’s sticker on it.



Then there’s also a button on the tool.


When you press it, the plastic edge cleans and removes the dead hair from the tool.


The button is very tight and difficult to press, so for me it’s way easier to clean the tool myself.



In the set there was also a special plastic protecting cap which is aimed to be put on the edge each time after use to prevent the tool from blunting.



My pug has most of its dead hair on the back and withers. Moreover, in summer she feels very hot in her badly groomed coat.


The FURminator works different than a usual brush. It reaches the deep beneath your dog's short topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair.



Different body parts shed differently but even one stroke gathers a good amount of dead hair.


I think that all pets love when they are being brushed and groomed, so Fenny likes it too. When I groom her, she willingly stands turning around me and grunts quietly.

You need to groom your pet in one direction as the hair grows. Even after one stroke there’ll be a lot of hairs, so they needed to be taken off and then you can continue the process. They recommend using the tool 2-3 times a week for 10-20 minutes. I groom her outside once a week.


The first grooming brought so much hairs that they were enough for one more pug. I recommend you groom your dog outside where the hairs will not be a problem for other people.

After the grooming, I wet my hands with water and touch her with them. Whoever thought that my dog has so much undesired undercoat? I can’t even imagine how inconvenient it was for her.



Everybody is happy with the tool in my family: I’m happy that Fenny feels lighter and better, Fenny is happy that she is constantly groomed and my husband is happy that there’s no more need to vacuum clean so often.

I can say that visually the dog seems to be the same, though her coat has become way softer and it seems to have no undercoat.


Fenny, my family and I all recommend you the FURminator Dog Short Hair S!!!

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HeLLsinki recommends FURminator DeShedding Tool

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