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Written on Friday, April 27, 2018

Actually, a friend of mine gave me this cat massage center with a ball. She called it a "kitty play center." When she brought it to my house, I realized that this "toy" was interesting not only for kittens, but also for my big cats!


This is what the center looks like:


Honestly, my kittens were then too small to take full advantage of the device. At first only the adult cats were interested in it. As I mentioned, there is also a ball in the center. Oh, how they like to play with it ... When playing, they look as tough as any other Persian cat. Sometimes they look at this button for a long time and then they hit it with their paws all of a sudden.: Innocent cat delights :3


On Youtube you can find a video from the manufacturer, where you can see how a cat reacts at this massage center. Actually, I've never seen my big cats rubbing against the green massage areas or biting into the green part. It seems that these leave them indifferent. They are only interested in the ball.

The kittens, however, use the massage center as intended. They like the ball as well, but I see them more often on the green areas. Sometimes they also try to stand there with four paws. What a pity that I did not take any pictures of their acrobatics. So they are thrilled by the massage.

I do not know how they think about the massage center, but now and again they fall asleep there. The two kittens climb up to the green massage areas and sleep there side by side. Cuteness overload! Smile

If something gets stuck in the massage area, it takes a lot of time to take it out of here, I have to note.

My cats (especially the little ones) liked the massage center.


The big cats are not so enthusiastic about it, but sometimes they sniff up at the green part or touch it. Best of all, they just love the ball, though.

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