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Written on Friday, August 11, 2017
Pros: affordable, easy to use, fragrance-free
Cons: leave sticky residue

I’ve learnt about these bubbles with a gel-like substance from the Internet, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in my town. Therefore I purchased them online.

Price: around $2 each

The tubes look like bright pens. The gel substance is the same in both tubes. The bubbles are also the same, they are transparent. The tubes are small and palm-sized.

The wand has an unusual diamond shape.

The solution inside the tube is also clear. The substance reminds me of a facial mask. If you let the bubbles set on your hands, they remove like a mask.

The product doesn’t have any smell.

The peculiarity of these bubbles is that they are kind of still in the air. The bubbles that were low right from the beginning, fall down and pop, but those high above become still and slowly float about in the air and then descend. Some of them rise higher if you blow them slightly from underneath.

The bubbles are touchable. You can wait till they fall down and become still, thus forming a bubbling carpet at home. Then you may go over them and pop them. Meanwhile the bubbles are slightly crisping.

The stuff leaves a film wherever it lands, but it washes off easily from the floor or your skin. When it lands on your clothes or furniture, you can simply remove the film with your hands.

However, they leave residue on the wall. The spots are hardly visible when we remove the film, but they are here anyway.

One more drawback is that it is impossible to use the tube up. The wand doesn’t reach the bottom and even when you put it on one side, the wand can’t get the substance, because it is situated right in the middle of the tube.

It is such fun to pick the bubbles and build a tower or a snowman from them.

Quite a lot of bubbles come out at a single blow. You can easily fill the whole room with bubbles after three or four blows. I personally like blowing them upwards, thus allowing them to float around the room.

If you wave your hands, you can create a whirl of bubbles. It is so exciting, but to be honest, you will have to clean your room for quite a bit of time after that.

Overall summary about the product:



  1. It it exciting

  2. Low cost

  3. A little goes a long way

  4. Fragrance-free



  1. Leaves traces

  2. The wand doesn’t reach the bottom


Final verdict: These are really fun. I would not recommend to blow them outside, because there is a possibility of damaging somebody’s property.

You can use them at home, but keep in mind that you’ll have to clean your room after that.

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