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Written on Thursday, December 21, 2017
Pros: comfy, don’t get dirty, stylish, very warm, waterproof

Hello to all those who decided to walk warm this winter!

I have to confess that I was dreaming of having Timberland boots since childhood but as they were (and still are) pricey they only remained a dream. Last winter I was waiting for sales to buy them and eventually I found them discounted, not actually much discounted but I’m sure that they are worth every dollar!

They are just amazing!

They are the warmest, comfiest and most recognizable in the streets. They may look a little bit rough on my female feet though this is what Timberland boots are actually famous for.

They are waterproof and it seems they are dirtproof as well!!! I would have never thought that so light-colored boots will live through a rainy fall or a slushy winter and remain clean!

And now it’s another winter and me and my boots are absolutely ready for it.

I suffer cold feet in winter all the time. Two minute walks when it’s freezing outside makes me forget about the existence of my toes. I just stop feeling them. And now with these boots my feet are always warm!

I can speak about the advantages of Timberland boots endlessly long. But there’s a problem with them. You can buy fake boots. And the fakes are everywhere now. It’s clear as day that a fake pair of boots will have nothing to do with the original ones. Buying Timberland boots the first thing that you should pay your attention to is the price. Remember that original boots can’t cost less than $150

Timberland has stopped manufacturing their boots in the states and now have their factories all over the world: India, Vietnam, Turkey, China and Dominican Republic. So pay attention to the country of manufacturing too.

The original Timberlands have the ever-lasting laces made of nylon. The rubber is of best quality and all the seams are perfectly even.

Pay attention to the seams as well, as the fake ones won't have good seams.

And of course the logo of the brand which looks like a tree is always applied by embossing and not paint as on the fakes.

One more thing that distinguishes the original boots from fake ones is the one piece rubber sole.


The Timberland boots are known for their quality all over the world so there can’t be any imperfections on them. And still I think that the most important thing in boots is their quality and not the outer appearance. The Timberland boots are waterproof, comfy, cushioning and wearproof.

And now I want to tell you a funny case that happened to me when I was buying these boots. My feet are a size 8, but I wear the boots with sizes 7, 7.5, 8:)


Buying my Timberlands I decided to take 8.5 since they recommend to take boots of 0.5 or 1 size more if you are a warm socks lover. I am. Wink

When I came home, I quickly put my feet into these boots and found out that my toes were uncomfy as they touched the edge of the boots’s nose.

Even though the shop was far away from my house and the box with the boots was very bulky, I still set off to the shop to change them.


And you know, now I have them in the size 9! I’ve never had boots of this size, I still can’t believe it Smile But now they are uber comfortable for my feet!


So, since it’s cold in winter I’ll advise you to buy bigger boots and do not bother about the size numbers. Comfort is more important!

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