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Written on Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I think that beautiful and well-shaped brows will frame any face. By well-shaped I don’t mean these modern thick and bushy brows, ‘cause it’s a matter of taste really, but those that seem in harmony with your face. Besides, however gorgeous your makeup is, it’ll look unfinished without the brows.

That’s why I pay attention to brow makeup, albeit I have my own brows and don’t have to paint them on. I’m not very happy with the form, so makeup help me to correct this, filling in the sparse space and making them look more impressive. My natural brow color is lighter than my hair color, so they’re lost on my face.

I’ve been using a brow pencil for some years and I was happy with it, but if I knew how convenient and easy eyebrow gels are, I would’ve changed all of my pencils there and then.

I received Waterproof NYX eyebrow gel in exchange for my review, but my opinion is absolutely fair and unbiased.

Packaging: It’s a small tube. I like such packaging and it goes better with products with such a consistency.

There’s a narrow hole for suitable dosages.

The texture is creamy and liquid at the beginning. It’s so convenient to apply this gel on the brows.

You’ll need to use a teeny tiny bit of it to cover both of your brows. What I have in the photos is even too much. With this product, a little goes a long way.

It dries out quickly, but not like in a second, so that one has some time to fill and correct it. After it has dried out the matte finish appears, which cannot be smudged.

It has no smell.

I’ve got Brunette shade. It has a green tint by a lamplight and the red one in the sun but it looks very natural on the brows. I like how my eyebrow color corresponds with the hair color. It looked pale and a little bit red with the brow pencils.

Swatches by a different light:

Near the window, against the sun
Near the window, against the sun

Since time the gel becomes matte
Since time the gel becomes matte

In the sun
In the sun

By lamplight
By lamplight

It’s incredibly easy to shape the brows with this gel! It’s even better than pencils and the result is fantastic!

The only thing you need is an angled brush, it’s hard to do it without this.

My technique: I get a little amount out of the tube, dip the brush in it and draw the line on my hand (the same as in the swatches). It helps me to spread the gel evenly on the brush and remove the excess product. Now it’s time to fill the brows.

Without the eyebrow gel
Without the eyebrow gel

The first thing I do is filling the lower edge of the brow. I don’t make the contour clear and sharp, as I don’t want it to look tattooed. I’d like to have expressive but natural brows.

Then it gets easier. I start filling out my brows. It’s important to apply it with some strokes to achieve the natural look.

The result. This gel both shapes and puts your misbehaving brows in place. I’ve got errant brows also, though it’s not clear in this photo. It stays the same way the whole day.

They look even brighter with a flash. The painted brow end is noticeable there, but it’s not in real life.

Total look is pretty and natural


It can also be used as an eyeliner, but the shade is not the one for this purpose


Lasting power, finally

This gel wears literally the whole day on me. I’ve tried to rub it off, but the color didn’t even smudge. It’s also not that easy to remove with water. I’ll show you in order to prove my point.

The result with water. I’ve been rubbing the gel off under the water, but without success.

The same thing with a soap.

The color stays a little even after using a makeup remover, but it comes off completely after the second try.


  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly long-wear result
  • a little goes a long way
  • keeps errant hair in place
  • the effect of tattooed or natural brows


  • you’ll have to buy an angled brush
  • requires some time to get used to it

I recommend and give 5 stars to this product.

Wish you a great mood!

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