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Written on Thursday, June 29, 2017


When our kid was 1.5 yo, he decided to be more independent and learn how to drink from the cup himself. We bought no spill cups for that matter, as our toddler constantly dropped all the dishware and spilled the content. One of the cups is Munchkin, Miracle 360 Degree Cup with 296 ml.

Price: about $19

It’s up to you if it’s expensive or not.

It was not of great importance if the cup had handles or not, because the volume of 300ml was exactly what we needed. We didn’t look at the cup of 200ml with handles, as our kid drinks so much juice. I liked the quality of Munchkin products, they are perfect in all respects. Moreover, they fit well in the hand.

How it works?

There is a valve on the top for liquid to come out, when you press around the rim. It gives you drops, but if you want the liquid to flow more intensely, you should press and suckle it.

If you drop or shake it vigorously, the liquid splashes out. I won’t recommend putting this cup on one side in your bag, because it would probably leak. There is also no cap included, so it would be better to use the cup at home. The cup is very convenient to use when a toddler is in a booster seat as well.

Our experience with Munchkin, Miracle 360 Degree Cup.

Our son didn’t like the cup at all. He tried to use it for a few times, but it didn’t work. He got angry, freaked out and threw our glamorous pink cup far away.

We did our best to help him learn how to use it properly, but there was nothing we could do. But there is nothing wrong about this cup, as he didn’t accept any other no spill cup we purchased also. So I guess they are not his cup of tea, that’s it…

My opinion.

In general, the sippy cup is really nice to use. Besides, it doesn’t look very childish, so grown-ups can use it too and drink coffee on the go, for instance Smile On the other hand, I’m not sure if an adult would like to sip coffee drop by drop. If your child doesn’t mind using no spill cups, this Munchkin cup would be great for him or her! I recommend the sippy cup, but we'll buy a regular plastic cup in a drugstore Smile

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Jellybelly recommends Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

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Type: Sippy Cup
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