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Written on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My beagle dog is a real catastrophe. She chews literally everything that she sees, so it’s very important to keep some objects out of her reach. She can easily poop at home in revenge for me not letting her sleep in my bed or if I was 5 minutes late to walk her out. Once she pooped at home one minute after we came home after a good walk outside in the garden.

The beagle breed dog is a very complicated character, this is why they are always ready to run away from home. I always keep her on a leash in town. By the way, I have to say that the breed is very heavy and strong, my hands always shake weakly after an hour walk on a leash with her. If she goes unleashed, she always chases some smell or anything and it will be utterly useless to call her back, as she’ll never listen to me. That becomes so annoying at times.

I trained her the following way. It was important for me to make my dog understand that I’m her owner, that’s why I used to walk her out every day for an hour on a leash at first. Then I tried to correct her to make her understand to go near me and not to pull the leash too much.

If you live a city, this isn’t a breed for you. Your place has to be surrounded by forests, fields and a lot of open spaces, which are free from people or houses, otherwise the beagle dog can easily be distracted and run away. I usually exhaust my dog with walks on a leash and then I let her off in a forest and only that way she can more or less hear what I’m saying and be obedient. However, sometimes I have to shout for a long time for her to come back. Over time it gets easier to make her obedient, but it still means that you have to train your dog everyday, or it will easily forget everything that it’s already been taught.

Beagle is a hound breed, it isn’t a breed for a slow walk beside its owner.

In general I can say that the dog is rather intelligent, yet difficult. And of course it’s very cute.

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