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Written on Thursday, December 14, 2017
Pros: beautiful, gets on well with people and children, human eyes, kind, lovely, loves children, not aggressive, obedient, playful, sociable yet not annoying
Cons: not a watchdog, sheds profusely

Hello there!


So, today I want to share with you a review of my wonderful dog. A lot of people may think now that each owner thinks that his/her dog is the best in the world, though I want to tell you my story, in its true colours as it is. Smile


Four years ago this baby appeared at my house. For a really long time I was longing to have a dog of this very breed, so once there was аn opportunity, without a moment's thought, I decided to take her. At first I was really afraid. While I was waiting for the puppy to grow, I was hesitating, as no matter which way you look at it, having a puppy is a big responsibility. But I hesitated only till the moment we brought her home. Smile So, this is a small story of how a small 2-month-old fluffy puppy appeared at my place. The first difficulties arose immediately: since I haven’t had a dog before, I was constantly wondering of how that was actually possible for a small puppy to be so mouthy and chew out all the wires in the house. But still I tremendously loved her and I wasn’t actually capable of being mad at her. Moreover, I took it for granted that she was small and only started to keep an eye on my things and belongings better.

So, this is how almost everything has disappeared from the floor at my place. I had to put everything somewhere on the bedside-tables, window sills and cupboards. Half a year later, the mouthy problem disappeared and a small puppy has turned into a giant 66-pound doggy.


Her beauty, intelligence, kindness and loyalty is beyond words. This dog seems to be full of hugs and love. Smile She has very soft to the touch and I always have a desire to touch and embrace her. Smile We both love lounging on the sofa. Smile She is a real friend and I always catch myself speaking to her out loud when there’s nobody at home. She’s very kind and intelligent. She adores swimming with kids. We also have a cat and they really get along well with each other. All in all, she isn’t just a dog, she’s a family member.

I have no problems having her. She eats well, sometimes we buy special kibble for her. Sometimes I cook porridge with meat and she loves both dishes very much.


As for training, she is very obedient, but honestly we don’t train her, so sometimes she can be rather boisterous, but that’s already my fault as an owner Smile


This breed is usually compared with spoiled children. Our dog is obedient and intelligent though she loves being naughty from time to time. She enjoys outdoor games, especially tug-of-war with a toy Smile


She likes travelling somewhere, especially by car. No problem if a road trip is 8-9 hours for her. Smile


Once or twice a month we try to give her a bath and brush her out. That way, her coat looks clean and beautiful. And of course there’s lesser amount of hair lying about the house Smile


She never wakes us up. She only sits by the bed, whining quietly and waiting for us to get up. Sometimes she can slowly skulk into our bed and sleep there till morning Smile


What I can advise you if you can’t make up your mind on which breed to have:

1) if you want to have a good and loyal friend, if you want your dog to be intelligent and that will really get along well with your children, and of course if you aren’t afraid of profuse shedding and tons of eaten food, then this breed is for you.

2) if you want to have a good watchdog and fainting at the thought of constant floor cleaning, then no, this breed ISN’T for you.


Just keep in mind one thing: treat your dog the same way you treat your children. And if you already have a dog, try to be as responsible of him/her as possible and then look forward to the loyalty and endless love and they won't be long to come! Smile















Thank you for your attention! =)

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