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Written on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I’m a lazy person and I hate baking Smile But tiramisu is a different matter. It takes 30 minutes to cook, and that’s without the oven. Awesome! I cook tiramisu at least twice a month and I can definitely say I’m an old hand at it Smile

My recipe is based on the traditional Italian recipe. It took me a long time to find the best ingredients in our stores.

This review is about the best ladyfingers for tiramisu I could find, namely about Vicenzovo ladyfingers

These are in my humble opinion the best ladyfingers ever!

Why are they so good?

1. These are so tasty. If you try them with a glass of milk, you’ll realize that these are sweeter but not oversweet. They have full flavor.

2. They are softer, lighter and more airy.

Thanks to it, these ladyfingers don’t have to be soaked in a big amount of coffee. Earlier, when I used other biscuits I used to spend 8-10 espresso cups because the biscuits kept absorbing it. I couldn’t put in less coffee because otherwise my biscuits would have ended up dry. With these ladyfingers, however, I need only 5 cups of espresso, and they are still soft and airy.

In order to get such a result with other ladyfingers you’ll need a lot of coffee, but it can make the biscuits soggy. These melt in my mouth, though I prefer them in tiramisu still because our world is full of other delicious biscuits and cookies.

At the moment, I have another pack of biscuits to compare these with. Even judging by appearance, my faves look much better: more yellow, more sugary.

If we snap them in half, we’ll be able to see the difference in their texture. The biscuits from Vicenzovo are more airy.

I always buy large packs, because we love tiramisu:) By the way, after you’ve opened the bag, don’t forget to use the biscuits as soon as possible, otherwise they may dry out.

Calories and whatsoever:

What else can I say...If you love tiramisu, try these ladyfingers. Honestly, I don’t think making homemade ladyfingers is even worth it, I mean you waste a lot of time and effort, but it doesn’t guarantee tasty biscuits as a result.

Usually, I prepare a big tiramisu which we finish within 3 days, and the bottom of the tiramisu is still dry even after this time.

A few photos I made to make my friend envy me:)

It’s visible that the biscuits weren’t soggy.

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tangerine recommends Vicenzi Vicenzovo Ladyfingers

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