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Written on Thursday, October 5, 2017


Love being alone? Prefer to escape from the daily routine and relax by a dancing candle flame? What is the most important part for you: color, scent or design?

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about the color and design. The scent is also essential, but to tell you the truth, I have a poor sense of smell. So if I don’t smell at it very closely, I feel practically nothing. It’s the same with perfumes, lipsticks, etc.

However, I focus on the scent when I purchase different candles. I have lots of different candles and I love collecting them. Lately I prefer Yankee Candle and their yummy scents in particular.

It’s fall now and the days are so gloomy and gray sometimes, that I’ve decided to add some more Yankee candles to my collection.

I purchased Pink Grapefruit, Honey Blossom and Black Coconut.

I light them one after another when it’s already dark outside and they create such a warm and relaxing atmosphere in my room.

I especially love reading books by candlelight.

Moreover, I like dreaming, planning something and decorating my diary for a new month.

What I especially appreciate is that these jars last a really long time. Plus, the design is so gorgeous. It reminds me of a jam pot.

You can choose any color according to your mood, interior or taste. Every color means something to me. __________________________________________________________________________________

I picked up the Honey Blossom because it had my favorite color. The scent is also very nice and not in-your-face or too strong.

This candle jar is perfect for romantic dates and romantic moods. It associates with harmony for me.


I’ve chosen the Black Coconut for its color too, as I’ve never had black candles before.

The scent is noticeable. I feel vanilla most of the time.

This candle means Mindfulness for me. It goes very well with planning, aiming and romantic candlelight dinners with expensive red wine and much philosophizing Smile


I’ve had the Pink Grapefruit before. It has a bright citrus scent. The candle itself is very bright too.

Such candles are perfect for gloomy and rainy days. It feels like they add some energy for me. This candle is like a bright and positive spot on a gray day.


As for the intensity of the fragrance, it doesn’t spread out all over the room. However, it may be so that I don’t feel it very much due to my poor sense of smell. When I stay somewhere nearby the candle, I feel it clearly.

Besides, I suppose that these candles are more like decorative and are not actually meant for scenting the room as opposed to, for example, Glade scented candles that spread out the fragrance very well, which lingers the whole day even after I blow them out.


The Yankee Candles are a little bit pricey. Each jar costs around $20. However, it’s probably fine considering the brand.

To sum up, I’ll say that these candle jars:

  • last quite a while.

  • have fragrances that are available for any taste.

  • create an appropriate mood.

  • are made in USA.

  • look stylish in any room.

  • are easy to use. You can forget about the wax dripping onto your table or any other surface.

  • are stable and firm.

  • have a amazing design.

  • can close with a cap and take them outdoors.

  • are a perfect keepsake. You can gift them any time of the year. They are especially suitable for Christmas.

I would definitely buy some other options from Yankee Candle. Moreover, I know what Christmas gifts I’m going to prepare this time and what my New Year’s decorations would be like. Plus, I think that there will be more candles for Christmas soon.


Thanks for reading my review! I hope it helped to warm you up!

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Mary-Sol' recommends Yankee Candle Scented Candles

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