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Written on Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, gorgeous design, nice scent
Cons: a bit pricey

When I want to feel cozy and comfy at home, I always use some decorations or nice scents. What if combining a scent and decorations in a single unit? Nope, it’s not a melt warmer, as you might have thought! I’m talking about a beautiful and yummy scented candle.

Today I’d like to tell you something about an amazing Yankee Candle Pink Grapefruit scent.


ღღღ General info ღღღ

The Yankee Candle offers a huge variety of various scents to cater to everyone’s preferences, occasions or vibes.

Upon entering their official website, I didn’t know where to look next, because everything was so delicious-looking! Apart from the jar candles, the manufacturer also produces car vent clips, wax melts and so on.

The candles themselves are available in an abundance of sizes.

So, the candle is packed in a small glass jar with a beautiful and weighty top.

You can find some information on the jar.

The top sits securely due to to the rubberized edges. More than that, such a tight top shuts out the wick, so you can put it out by simply closing the cap.

Inside the jar you can see a bright red candle. In fact, the color of the candle depends on the scent you choose. So it can be black, purple, green, etc. Such colors fit really well to the interior design.


Full name: Yankee Candle Small Jar Pink Grapefruit;

Country of origin: USA


The candle I have has a gorgeous citrus scent. I’m a huge sucker for everything citrus, so I just couldn’t help but purchase this tempting pink grapefruit.

Here is a product description:

Perfectly ripe, sun-kissed fruit bursting with bright, tingly citrus to stir the senses.

Sounds really well, huh?


ღღღ Scent ღღღ

The notes are on par with some low-cost summer perfume actually. Here they are:

Top: Pink Grapefruit, Citrus Blend

Mid: Lavandin, Muguet, Rose Petals

Base: Peach Nectar, Leafy Greens, Melon

When the jar is closed, the scent is hardly detectable. You can feel it only by sniffing at it closely while it’s not burning yet.

Then I can feel a slight and luscious grapefruit, that’s it.

But when the candle burns, the scent unfolds so amazingly. I can feel grapefruit mainly, but then some sweet floral notes and fresh greens come into play. There is no hint of anything bitter, only a fresh floral-citrus scent.

It’s not chemical or in-your-face. The scent is so divine and very subtle, on the contrary.

ღღღ Overall thoughts ღღღ

  • The packaging is quality made and thoroughly elaborated. It’s nice to use, plus it looks incredible.

  • The packaging is pretty safe, because the candle burns inside the jar. However, keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

  • The candle melts down evenly and beautifully without smoke. To make it melt the right way, cut the wick once in a while. Then the candle won’t look like a tunnel after a while.

  • Even this small jar will go really far, especially when using it for only an hour or two. The big jar seems to last forever.

  • The scent of a burning candle is light, not obtrusive or too potent, so it won’t cover all house. However, I can clearly feel it. It doesn’t bother me or puts me off. I love placing it on a table near me.

  • This candle creates some comfy vibes. More than that, this luscious grapefruit scent is so energizing. It’s the best solution to find inspiration. I write reviews quicker when I have it near me!

ღღღ Verdict ღღღ

The Yankee Candle Pink Grapefruit works miracles in my house. It looks so beautiful, goes a really long way and emits a yummy and natural scent.

I’d like to try out the other options of the brand now. It’s worth trying it, even though the price is quite hefty.

Highly recommended!


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Anna Raven recommends Yankee Candle Scented Candles

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