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Written on Friday, December 15, 2017
Pros: cute design, different flavors, freaking hilarious emotions, funny game to share with friends
Cons: no chance to distinguish the flavour, price

Oh, the bloggers are everywhere. If not for them, I would have never bought the canned dog food or rotten egg flavored candies.

My child asked me to buy these magical Harry Potter beans but the price was the factor that stopped for from buying them immediately.

Once we were at a department store when my son saw these beans, grabbed a pack and I had nothing to do but to buy them. The packaging looks like this:

Price: $5

Weight: 54g

Made in Thailand

Color: multicolored

Scent: not very pleasant

Ingredients: well, these ingredients will not actually bring any use to your health, as there are a lot of preserving agents and God knows what else.

Judging by the pictures, they are not very delighted with the flavors, are they?

The beans look good and rather edible, multicolored. They look a little like the M&M chocolate candies.

The most interesting is on the back side of the packaging: there’s a list with mild and wild flavour descriptions. The thing is that when you take a bean of one particular color, you never know what it tastes like. Try out your luck.

The chewing beans are round-shaped and have the brand’s lettering on it.


What’s there waiting for you if you finally dare to try out these unusual sweets:


- green. These are either Lawn Clippings or Lime flavored.



The first bean that I tried was with the lawn clippings flavour. I felt like a cow in the field and didn’t have enough coverage to eat this bean up.


- foggy pink with a lot of speckles: these ones are either Tutti-frutti or Stinky Socks



Well, the socks seemed to be not so stinky as we assumed yet at the same time we couldn't eat them up either. The tutti-frutti are pleasant and tasty beans.


- white beans with yellow speckles: buttered popcorn or rotten eggs



- white: coconut or baby wipes



When my child put a baby wipes bean into his mouth, he instantly hurried to the toilet to spit it out.


- brown: Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food

When my son took two brown beans, he set off to try out his luck with his father. A few moments later I was watching my son delightfully chewing his candy and my poor husband swearing out that son feeds him with trash.


We had only one blue colored bean and that was with a toothpaste flavor.


- orange beans with red speckles. These are Peach or Barf


Luckily we had only peach in our package. All in all they state in on the packaging that boxes are randomly mixed and may not contain all flavors.



So that in our packaging, there were no green beans which are either pear or boogers.


What do I have to say in the end…


These sweets are great if you want to have fun with your friends. They will be great for April Fool’s pranks. It’s so exciting to watch the “lucky one” chewing one of the wild flavors. Especially if this is a barf.


Though, I wouldn’t advise you to eat them often. I know they are funny, but still, our health is more important.

For children who want to hold experiments, a couple of beans a day will be more than enough. Prolong the pleasure, whenever will you have a chance to eat a rotten egg or stinky sock in life Smile

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