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Written on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Today, it’s time to tell you about a rather weird product of mine. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a texture before. This highlighter is truly jelly!

A silky smooth, out-of-this-world jelly highlighter, starring two shades.

What it does:

You Glow Girl is a versatile, multiuse highlighter designed to be worn over makeup for blinding, light-catching glow. Dab it with your finger or a brush across your brow line, collarbone, eyes, cheeks or lips. The jelly texture is perfect for precise application—it applies wet and dries down, holding the pigment in place. It’s the best-kept beauty secret around—so get glowing.

About the price

The product retails for $12 at Sephora. That’s a pretty good and affordable price, I think.

About the packaging

It’s a simple plastic see-through jar with a screw-on top cap. It was initially protected with a foil wrap. In a word, nothing picky about the packaging.

About the consistency and aroma

The highlighter is unscented.

As for the consistency, here we have a real jelly and I recall a melted jelly with gelatin when I look at it.

The product is easy to apply over my skin but it doesn’t sit well over my powder products because the texture is too runny for them.

The setting is quick and those micro teeny-tiny glitter bits never fall out during the day.

I have mine in the color Cosmic Blur - Ultra Violet. These are blue glitter bits with a clear base formula.

About the results

I guess that this shade will be perfect for fair-skinned blonde gals. But since my skin is more yellow toned, it looks a little bit odd over me.

It may look good over my non-made-up skin. Once I wear my makeup with it, I don’t like the result. In summer, I’ll definitely wear it over my shoulders.

When it apply it over my eyelids, the product creases there and I can’t say that I appreciate that blue cast on my eyes.

I think that the shade Snow Glow would flatter me more.

Ethical aspect

The brand is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

The bottom line

The highlighter is interesting, that’s a fact. I’m sure to find a use for this formula and color for my naked shoulders and decollete in the summer.

The other thing that surprises me is the color selection in the line. It comprises of blue, pink, peach and golden shades only. I wish there was more variety for us!

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FoxRed recommends Inc.Redible You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly

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