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Written on Thursday, May 17, 2018
Pros: affordable, convenient to use

Hey there,

In February I ordered a hammock on Ebay. It cost me $14.99, but the price is even lower at the moment.

Weight of the package: 500g


Upon opening we see a two-colored carry bag. It has the same colors as the hammock itself, which is dark-green and green.

The bag opens easily and closes with a plastic pull-cord.

Here is the contents:

It turns out that the bag is a part of the hammock, which is good for two reasons. Firstly, it won’t get lost and secondly there is always some kind of a pocket to use for a book or a tablet, for example. Love it.

It comes with two heavy metal buckles for setting up the hammock.

Plus, two ropes, the ends of which are burnt to avoid mushrooming.

However, there was a problem on the other part of the rope:

I consider it to be an insignificant flaw, but I don’t like it. The hammock itself is quality made.

Let’s hang it now:

It hangs effortlessly and holds tightly.

Let’s test it and swing it and place my girl here.

She loved this hammock.

Now to the product description and how to choose:

  1. We had been using that old-fashioned cotton rope reticulated hammock with wooden sticks that was really inconvenient to use. Whenever I sit or lie here, it turns upside down. In addition, one constantly has to cover it with a blanket or a pillow to feel comfortable. Here, the center of gravity is quite low, so the stuff is steady and firm. The cotton fabric is very nice, so it’s really comfortable to lie on it.

  2. A total bang for your buck!

  3. Easy and quickly to hang and remove.

  4. Compact and lightweight.


Now to the parachute fabric.



  • water-resistant

  • nice to the touch

  • soft

  • firm

  • durable

  • breathable

  • absorbs moisture


  • leaves stains when something liquid was there

  • tends to get staticky

  • may become less firm when exposed to the sun for a long period of time

The cons are actually insignificant. You should just keep it under a shade tree. I believe that the parachute material is the best fabric for hammocks.

You can sit, lie or swing yourself, even if there are two of you in it. So, I definitely recommend it.

Moreover, it’s available in a variety of options, so you can pick up a hammock in another color or with a mosquito net.

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