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Written on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hello everyone Smile


Today I’ll tell you about wonderful Crayola super tips washable markers, which we’ve purchased recently. The main word here is - WASHABLE. Right off the bat, they are such a rescue for us.

You all understand these scribbles on wallpapers, floor, clothes and body, “thanks” to a mischievous little kid. So we’ve got this problem too. At the beginning, common pens and felt-tip pens were used, but one fine day I noticed blue stripes on our leather sofa. After that, I started looking for a good cleaner.

Once I came across some washable crayola markers on the Internet. I heard only positive reviews about the brand. So I decided to buy them. I purchased them off Amazon.

Crayola is on point as always! They come in a convenient package with the lid closing firmly. Plus, the colors are bright and intense. What counts most is the size of the marker, which is bigger than a common felt-tip pen.


The main peculiarity of these markers is their stem that is made in the form of polygon, tipped at the top with a straight facet beginning from the middle part.

You can draw thin or thick lines depending on how you hold your marker. It’s really convenient actually! For instance, there are coloring books, where we can find many gaps which require much time to be filled with thin lines. If you turn the marker a bit, you can fill the gaps quicker. With the help of a tip one can write some words and it would look as if it was written with a pen. This marker would do in a case of popular anti-stress coloring books also, where there are many fractions to be filled.

Let’s talk about the colors:

There are 20 colors in my pack - and that is quite enough to fulfill the artistic conceptions, especially those of a child. Everyone can choose whatever marker they want, from black to bright yellow.

And the color! It’s so intense and bright! Draw as much as you want!


It’s a compact white tube, the lid is of the marker’s color.

The main thing here is that this lid closes really firmly! We always face the problem of felt-tip pens’ leaking. These markers draw vibrantly, leave no blots and gaps.

I’d like to compare it with the common Bic felt-tip pens also.

One can either draw with these markers or play learning games! I’ll show you one. We are fond of matching everything with its color. I make some cards with colors, give my daughter these markers and she puts them on a corresponding square. At first, we’ve got just basic colors: green, black, red, blue, i.e. those which are easy to distinguish, but then I decided to add some in-between tints, pronouncing them.


I definitely recommend it. I purchased my pack from Amazon for 2,79 $.

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Hookie recommends Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers

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