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Written on Friday, December 22, 2017

After watching the trailer I somehow guessed that the movie will be so so. But I’m an optimist and still decided to head for the cinema to watch it. Well, I wasted two hours, guys. I don’t get it why they called it “Jumanji” and what does it have in common with the game? Only the name, I presume!


Four plain characters accidentally discover the Jumanji game, which somehow turned from a a simple board game that we remember into an old video game console.

Well, the game is mentioned only at the beginning of the film while later on we are watching only the “jungle adventures". This way the producers have destroyed all the uniqueness of the plot. There are thousands of “jungle adventure” films and I don’t understand why they have decided to film one more.


This silly girl with a selfie stick was so annoying. Her hackneyed character deserves the Golden Raspberry awards immediately.



After the characters get into the jungle world, they become even more plain and hackneyed. By the way, one girl turns into a man giving the audience a chance to crack dirty jokes about it. And they dare to say that this is a family movie, feh!


Although, there were a few cool jokes about the computer game and characters’ behaviour. For example I liked this episode mad. I wish he was more present in the scenes.



What else can you expect from this movie? Action for sure! There are some great fight scenes which were a little bit predictable though. But the fights are picturesque and are well filmed. I also liked the animals in the film - especially the leopards. They are really thought-out and created with CGI. Moreover, I really enjoyed the “wasted” lives scenes. They are lively and thorough. Many gamers face the same problem too!


Unfortunately, when it comes to the plot we can see the imitation of the old “Jumanji” film or silly Hollywood go-to scenarios.


And all in all we get a movie that we won’t want to watch again. No desire to live through the plot again. No philosophy or humor (a few silly jokes don't count). No famous actors (though I saw the bold one starring in some films before).


What can I tell you in the end? I won't recommend this movie to my friends, because I know that they saw the old “Jumanji” which is from the 90's. This “new” film isn’t that bad to assess it with 2 stars, as I give 2 or 1 stars to really awful movies.

This film is average and if you want to watch it, I think that it’ll be better to wait for it on TV and watch for free. Smile

I don’t think it’s worth your money Smile

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Category: Movies
Year: 2017
Genre: Action, fantasy
Director: Jake Kasdan
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