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Written on Monday, December 18, 2017


Believe me or not, but I haven’t set foot in cinema or eaten sweet rustling popcorn for 2,5 years, until it was my birthday, and I decided to go out. We sent our child to grandma and hurried to have a movie night.

The choice of a movie wasn’t open to debate, I knew I would watch an animation movie and ended up choosing Coco.

When we entered the cinema halls, we realized that we were the only childless adults in there.

Well…my husband said, looking at those 3 year old children, and prepared to take a nap. He hadn’t read reviews of Coco, but I had. And I knew the movie wouldn’t be boring.

So, the lights went out, we watched a few trailers of coming movies, and then, suddenly, Olaf the Snowman appeared on the screen. Minutes passed, but the short film didn’t end. Everyone in the hall started fidgeting, asking about the ‘movie about the boy’. I wasn’t happy to meet Elsa and her friends again. I wanted to see the boy who was in love with music!

So, I was rather irritated by the so-called bonus.


Movie description:

Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family's ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary singer.

I won’t retell the plot. Instead, I’ll tell you about my impressions and emotions.

The movie is fascinating from the first minutes. It’s very emotional, colorful and beautiful.

The movie shows the problem of a child’s freedom of choice. How often parents try to resolve their unfulfilled ambitions through their children, when they try to raise an IT Specialist even though their child has musical talent. They say, you’ll thank us later. But will they? Maybe we should let our children follow their own dreams, support them and be glad when they succeed.

‘You shall not make for yourself an idol’ - another good moral of the story. Our idols are so often not who they say they are.And the most soul-touching and tearful part about the movie is the family and memory part. Our families are the most treasured things in our lives, and our homes are our castles, where we are always loved and welcome. The memory of our gone ancestors is this castle’s foundation. After this movie, I couldn’t wait to find our family tree.

Even though the movie raises a few serious topics, it contains many funny moments as well.

So, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry. Even my husband was secretly rubbing his eyes. He said there was something in his eye. Smile

That’s a really wonderful movie!

I think this isn’t a movie for little kids. I think it’s a really deep story, which will be understood mostly by bigger kids. However, it contains a good moral for kids, can teach them true values and prepare them for information about the afterlife.

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