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Written on Monday, December 25, 2017

Nothing should cloud the happiest time in the life of a new mum! Even such delicate little things like milk leakage. How can you forget about this problem? I’ll tell you in this review!

When I was swooning over my pregnancy, I had no idea how to use nursing pads, because I knew nothing about breastfeeding. So I bought the cheapest pads, just in case.

However, when the milk came, I realized why I needed pads. I was always leaking, a lot! The cheap nursing pads weren’t absorbent enough, and by the end of the day, the pads were totally drenched with milk. I had to change them many times a day, which negated their cheap price. So I thought that I didn’t want to pay twice and bought these pads from Medela.

The box is ordinary-looking, but its content is of real quality. They did their best to produce such a good product!Each pad is packaged individually.There are flowers on the individual wrapping.

The pad can be easily taken out by tearing off the edge of the wrapping.


The pad itself has a good shape, so I didn’t have problems placing it into my bra cups. The pad is easy to bend


Thanks to these stretchable bands the pad can cover the breast completely and safely.

And there are these flowers again!

That’s so sweet, and it’s such a pleasure to use such a well thought-through product.

Each pad has double adhesive tapes too keep it in place. They are truly safe, and at the same time, they don’t leave any stains on the bra. After my experience with those cheap pads that always crumbled up, it was awesome to use these.

Plus, these are really soft.

Now about my experience:Women with small breasts (like mine) will feel a bit uncomfortable with these pads, since they are pretty big.

A photo in my bra

In this photo you can see that the pad isn’t covered by the bra cup

The problem persists when I wear them.

Now about their absorbability.

As I have already mentioned, my previous nursing pads couldn’t absorb my heavy milk flow, and were drenched with milk by the end of the day. It was so gross to wear a damp bad! Of course, it cannot dry in there, and who knows what kind of bacteria reproduce on such a pad.

The situation with these pads is completely different. These pads contain absorbent gel (like diapers) which means that they don’t simply absorb the milk, they turn it into a gel. So the used pad isn’t damp and it doesn’t stink.

I didn’t have to change them every day, because they were dry! I replaced them every 2 -3 days and it was more than enough. So it was way more economical than using cheaper pads.

One box lasted more than 3 months!

Let’s perform a little experiment that will illustrate the absorbability of these pads. To be honest, I was eager to find out: what does the inside of these look like?

I used the potassium permanganate solution for my research.

Let a drop or two fall on the pad, and wait.It’s absorbs within two seconds.The solution left only a little stain.Check it with a napkin

Ta-dah! It’s dry!

The same happens with milk.

I also cut the pad in two pieces, and that’s what we see:

A few layers of absorbent gelIt feels absolutely dry to the touchIf we look close, we can see tiny gel beads

They get bigger when they’re wet.

No comments Smile These are the best nursing pads I tried so far. Totally recommended! They spare your nerves and money.

Enjoy your motherhood!

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Ana-Stasia recommends Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads

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