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Written on Thursday, December 21, 2017
Pros: intelligent, kind, loves children
Cons: catches diseases, not a watchdog, requires proper feeding

Good evening, everybody Wink Today I want to review my favorite dog breed. When I was a high school student, this fluffy doggy appeared in our family. His name is Lant. He was 7 months old when we got him.

We took part in dog exhibitions Smile

Frankly speaking, he was so boisterous that we really felt ashamed at that exhibition. The second exhibition we took more seriously and asked a professional handler to train him and his obedience and the second exhibition was perfect. He was listening to all the demands and didn’t bully. But when he sees me, his behavior turns mad and he always sits on my lap without permission and turns really crazy Smile He's a funny, kind and loving dog. He loves children very much.

He’s handsome and always catches the eyes.

Well, from time to time he turns mad outside and doesn't listen to demands, so I don't recommend walking the golden out without a leash.

As for the drawbacks of the breed, well, the dog can easily catch different diseases. Once he caught toxoplasmosis. It was terrible. But we managed to heal him. From time to time he catches diathesis, allergies or suffers from diarrhea. For a long time we tried to correct all the problems with proper feeding. It was really hard for us and for the dog as well. You should always be on a lookout while walking the dog, as the breed is very curious and may get caught into unpleasant situations.

I highly recommend this dog breed Wink

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