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Written on Thursday, May 3, 2018
Pros: beautiful, companion-dog, funny, gets on well with people and children, human eyes, intelligent and sympathetic, kind, loves children, sociable yet not annoying
Cons: not a watchdog, sheds profusely

From the very beginning I want to say that you won’t find any particular advantages and disadvantages of this breed in my review. Here I describe only my dog, and after reading my review you’ll be able to understand what usually happens when you don’t train the golden retriever dog. Smile There’ll be a lot of letters, so if you’re looking for some specific facts, then this review isn’t for you. But still I promise that you’ll like reading it.

Our wonderful fairy tale started very simply. Smile We just met an ideal dog. I fell in love with it at first sight. And saying "we" I mean me and my husband. And the "ideal dog" is the golden retriever called Sunny. She is just a wonderful and obedient dog of an acquaintance of ours. So, one day this man asked my husband and me to look for the new owners to the puppies of that ideal dog. Smile

We were invited to look at the puppies and of course I couldn’t stay indifferent to those fluffy little barking babies. Smile This is how we took one girl puppy… For a long time we couldn’t decide on how to name our new family member and after a long time we finally decided to name her with a very “unusual and rare” name MARLEY:)

Sometimes I think that it was a fatal mistake of ours to give her such a name, as now I do believe that the way you name - the way the puppy will behave XDXDXD


This is how this little fluffy puppy appeared in our family. And as all the others, we also faced the regular problems too. First puppy pads, getting to know her places to sleep, first vaccinations, first walks, and first scolds when she used to bite our things. It was a lovely, wonderful time. Oh ^_^)

Our hearts melted each time we used to look at her. It was impossible to resist and not to smile because of her funny butt, carrot-shaped tail and small teeth which she used to try out on our legs the very moment we were least ready to face them. Smile While she was growing up, she tried out everything in our house with her teeth. Her trophies was a tablet battery charger, endless amount of shoes, which could be pretty enough for a small African bare-feet tribe, wallpaper, my perfume and the most important that I can’t be silent about is my UNDERWEAR. GUYS, SERIOUSLY, SHE DEVOURED SO MANY OF MY PANTIES THAT I CAN’T EVEN FIND THE RIGHT WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT. Sometimes it feels as though that she intentionally looks for exactly my panties and tears them out. Oh, well and socks maybe. Smile

She's just a monster. I had to throw away so much of my underwear just because of this dog. You might wonder on how she could find it. And here I’ll tell you about one of the popping features of this breed - the golden retriever dogs are super clever. Smile I guess there isn’t a silly golden retriever dog in the entire world. Even if you think that your golden retriever is the silliest silly - this is not true! He or she is just playing at being foolish just because there’s some profit in doing it for him or her. Smile This is how my dog understood how to open our rolling door wardrobe. Smile

this is actually her after the accident of devouring the food colorant :)
this is actually her after the accident of devouring the food colorant :)

I’m flabbergasted on how clever she is.

Once I noticed that the food started to disappear from our dinner table. Smile And it was always the moment when I left the kitchen for a few seconds. So we decided to catch her red-handed. We intentionally put a dashboard camera to show us the dinner table and left the house for some time. This was the time when our dog decided to seize the moment. When we came home we found out that all the plates were licked clean yet at the same time they weren’t moved an inch here or there. The dog was so careful that she managed to keep all the dishes the way we left them. She didn’t even dropped a small bottle or a mayonnaise pack. Watching the video from the dash camera we were bursting with laughter. She acted like the real 007 agent. She was patiently waiting for us to leave, then she quietly crept to the door to make sure that we really left, then she came back to the table. At first she ate everything from the first plate, then she did the same with the second plate. After that she crept to the door again to check on whether we were back or not and then she devoured all the other food from the table. Smile Later she behaved as usual and looked absolutely innocent. Smile

There were a lot of funny moments with this dog in our house. For example, once she ate all the food coloring which I bought for the Easter. For quite a while after that she was walking around with her snout and feet stained green and blue and then, she also had colorful poos, as though she was one of those unicorns from a cartoon. Smile

All in all there’s so much to remember. My nostalgia. Smile If you’re a funny person, then this dog is for you. If you need a watch dog, then this breed isn’t for you. Be careful, the dogs usually step after their owners and have the same character. Smile

There’s some charm about this dog. Everything is mixed here - some sincerity and loyalty along with curiosity and smart-ass manners. Smile

The greatest disadvantage about this dog is probably its SHEDDING. This is just something I’ll never be able to put in the words right. It's just my own little shedding apocalypse that walks around our flat. Smile

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