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Written on Monday, May 29, 2017

Hello everybody!

Oh, I had to read so many reviews to get to know thoroughly the ingredients of this product. So, today, I’m gonna write a big review about the new product by Clinique.

So, this is the anti-age product for impatient ones, Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-day System with Pure Vitamin C.

In the new line by Clinique there’s a pure 10% concentration Vitamin C. Recently, that information would mean nothing to me, but now I know that such concentration will do well on your skin in 10, 15, or 20% increments and it’s not a salon taking care. So, here is the minimal amount of the vitamin C and I’m eager to see the results.

The most important thing about vitamin C is to preserve it fresh, as it dissolves very quickly. But how to do it? The set is designed for 7 days of usage. There's a booster and a powder cleanser for everyday use.

The powder cleanser is in the separate hermetically sealed package and there is pure vitamin C in it. There should be no air, and the manufacturer paid attention to this. I liked this product, as it didn’t dry out my skin, it had good foam and cleansed my face well. That powder is aimed to cleanse the make-up and the excess oil from your face, as the next step, I mean the booster must be applied on a completely cleansed skin, otherwise there’s no need to apply it at all. I think that in the photo of the palms, you can see that my skin’s become softer and smoother. This is how I felt it, as it’s absolutely impossible to make you see it in the photo.

Honestly, I didn’t notice some great, supernatural feelings from that powder cleanser. I can’t say it for sure, but I think that my favorite facial cleanser isn’t any worse than this product. Yeah, there’s vitamin C in the ingredients, but don’t forget that it’ll stay on your face only for 15-20 seconds, and then rinsed, that’s the correct time we spend on cleansing our face daily. So, I’m not sure about that product, but at the same time, I haven’t found any disadvantages either.

And now let’s talk about the booster itself. In the ingredients there’s 10% vitamin C, it’s fresh, but in 7 days the vitamin will start dissolving.

There’s a powder and emulsion inside the tube. You’ll need to press the orange button, and they’ll mix together, just shake it well and that’s all, the product is ready to use. And don’t forget to shake it each time before using.


On the sixth day I noticed that the booster changed its scent, it's become sour. This fact proves again that the product has pure vitamin C and that you need to use it everyday, otherwise you won’t use it up before it's rotten.

Its consistency reminds me of silicon or gel texture, it applies on the skin evenly, isn’t felt and sinks in very quickly. Thanks to that, the vitamin C will stay on your face all the time before you rinse it away with make-up.

You can also add a few drops of the booster in your morning cream. I tried to do it, but didn’t see the result. Maybe that’s because 7 days is too short a period of time to see it.

What result I actually did see on my face? My skin is rather pale, with no pigmentation or uneven surface, but sometimes I have skin discoloration, if I get too tired. First of all, I’ve noticed a slight whitening effect, I mean my one and only pigment spot has become less visible. I can’t say that my skin has become more even and velvet, but in general, I received a better skin tone. I can’t also say that the result for 7 days is colossal, no, it’s only a start. I wish I bought the booster once more to use it at least once a month to see some better results.

The most important is that there were no harmful effect on my skin, and the vitamins are always good for your health. My cosmetician says, it’s impossible to to get rid of the pigmentation with such products forever. They’ll only make them less visible. To get rid of your pigmentation spots forever you’ll need to do some special treatment.

I would advise you to buy the booster in a set of 4, to definitely notice the result and I’m almost sure, that you’ll be delighted with it.

And do you use any vitamin C infused products? Which are your faves? Is there any result seen?

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Irenesmall recommends Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% Emulsion

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