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Written on Friday, December 15, 2017

Hello everyone,

I’m glad you found your way here.

Today I’d like to talk about the hyped up reviving 3 MINUTE MIRACLE MOISTURE conditioner from the ‘Australian’ brand Aussie.


I first heard about these miraculous hair products with a nice kangaroo on the bottles about two years ago. All bloggers were raving about it saying that their waist length hair looked perfect due to that amazing product from ‘Australia’ and not after a salon keratin treatment.

Since I have quite damaged hair I bought this lie and went to the store. However, a friend of mine that I had every reason to trust brought me down to earth and told me that this ‘kangaroo’ is total crap. At that moment I decided to forget about this product.

After a while I had to move to another place and forgot about buying this huge amount of hair care bottles at all. The reason was that I wasn’t able to take these all with me.

A miraculous conditioner or an ordinary marketing ploy?

Why is this brand so popular? The reason is the exotic origin and that the manufacturer promises a real miracle and a life-changing appearance of our hair. Moreover, it’s our hope that such popular products do really work and give our hair this deep moisturizing and reviving effects!

My experience with the brand:

When I was in Walmart once, I went to the bath and body section and was simply dumbfounded by the price.

It costed only $2.67, which is even cheaper than Pantene shampoo.

One more thing that surprised me was that it was made in the USA. So, not at all in Australia.

Well, I put this cute purple babe in my cart right away, because it was a steal for such a price.

So, let’s get off all these myths and move onto the product description:

Volume: 236 ml

Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble

Price: around $2-5

The packaging is cute. The product comes in a purple tube with a white cap. You don’t have to twist off the cap, you just remove the sticker at the bottom and squeeze the bottle. Here we are! The conditioner is in your hands. By the way, such a package is not travel-friendly, because your bag will be full of this conditioner.

The texture is thick and creamy, so it applies to my hair easily and evenly. More than that, it goes a really long way.

The scent is divine! I have no gripe about it. Yep, it’s sweet and chemical, but it’s so yummy that I can’t even describe it. The scent lingers in my hair even after I blow it dry.


As far as you can see, a few beneficial ingredients are present here among all those silicones and alcohols.

It means that the deep moisturizing and reviving effects are hardly possible for dry hair.

What about its 3 minute work? It’s another myth. I left the product on for only 1 minute and even 10 minutes, but the result was always the same.

The results:

My hair is soft and smooth like in an ad. Laughing out loud It smells very good and glows beautifully. My roots are not greasy.

It hasn’t changed anything about my fluffy hair. It’s especially visible in the picture, where I’ve let my hair dry naturally without using any blow dryer or styling products.

But… The effect lasts one day only. I mean there is no cumulative or reviving effect.

The results remind me of any other drugstore conditioner like Garnier or Loreal. To sum up, I would give it 4 stars taking into account its temporary visual effect. If you expect a miracle, the product is a total flop.

Given that I didn’t expect any miracles when buying, I give it 4 stars and would actually recommend you try it.

Repurchase? Definitely. I love the scent and my soft and smooth hair after use, even though the result disappears after midnight and Cinderella and her carriage turns back into a pumpkin Smile


Thank you all for reading my review!

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mystery recommends Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner

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