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Written on Wednesday, October 25, 2017


First, I’d like to answer the question in the title - no, it’s impossible to give up washing your hair. But sometimes, there are emergencies like this: you’re on the road, no water available, you’re ill, you overslept etc. That’s when a dry shampoo comes to the rescue. I heard about this a few years ago and since then I’ve tried so many cans out, both good and mediocre ones.

Today I’m gonna write about Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo.

I’ve been buying this dry shampoo for a year, even though it’s a bit more expensive than all the others.Price: £3.99

The can has a bright appealing design. The dispenser is great and gives a strong spray. I thought all the dry shampoos were like this, until I tried a few others.

So, I don't have any beef with the design.

The scent is distinct and pleasant, not acrid at all. It lasts on my hair but doesn’t bother me. My hair doesn’t smell of it, and I find it pretty difficult to sniff your own hair roots (and to what end?)


How to use this dry shampoo?

There is nothing hard about it.

  • Step 1:


Shake dry shampoo and hold at least the length of the can from the head (8-12 inches). Spray on the root starting at your part line, and divide into smaller sub sections to ensure the whole head gets product.


  • Step 2:


Flip your head upside down and gently massage your roots all over with your fingertips. If the spray still feels damp, set a blow dryer on the lowest, coolest setting and aim it at your roots.


  • Step 3:

Use pads of fingers or brush to comb through to disperse throughout the whole head

My hair before (on the next day after hair wash)

Let’s shake the can and spray the dry shampoo onto the roots. Personally I spray it only onto the front part of the hair and onto the sides, leaving out the backside of my head. Therefore I clean only the visible spots.

Just look how dense this white dust is! And I only sprayed it for two seconds. Even other shampoos from Batiste don’t give such a dense coating. Thanks to that, a little bit goes a long way.

I massage my hair roots and get rid of the white residue (it’s recommended to do it over a sink to avoid staining everything around)

My hair becomes more voluminous and a bit harsh to the touch.

Let’s comb my hair through

This white residue must be removed thoroughly, otherwise it will look like dandruff.

The result in 2-3 minutes.

By the way, dry shampoos are great for blondes, because brushing out the white residue might be a problem, if your hair is dark.

Of course, the result can’t compete with real hair wash, but it’s acceptable. I appreciate that I can refresh my hair roots in a few seconds, without washing and drying them. But please note that I’m not talking about greasy hair which hasn’t been washed for days.

The cleanliness lasts about a day or even more. If I use the Original version, my hair becomes greasy by the end of the day.

It doesn’t make my scalp itch or burn. As I have already mentioned, my hair roots become a bit harsh, but I like it, because it makes my hair easier to style.

And now the comparison of three Batiste dry shampoos:

Marrakech is a definite outsiderOriginal is a bit better, but keep in mind that the effect doesn’t last longAnd Heavenly Volume.Actually, that’s why I keep buying this shampoos.

Now a little summary.



  • refreshes hair roots
  • contains many cleansing particles
  • a little bit goes a long way. A can may last for a few months if I use the shampoo twice a week
  • the smell is not acrid
  • instant result
  • gives volume
  • the effect lasts all day long
  • doesn’t dry out or harm my hair
  • can be easily washed out with any shampoo


  • the white residue must be removed thoroughly
  • makes hair harsh, but doesn’t glue my hair together

Anyway, I can totally recommend the Batiste Dry Shampoo Heavenly Volume. It’s my fave right now. Especially recommended for blondes, because it would be a problem to brush it out of dark hair.

But it can’t work as a real alternative to shampooing. You shouldn’t use it daily, it’s simply unsanitary. But if you need a quick refreshment for your hair, the Dry Shampoo would be of great help.

Thanks for reading my review!

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Shadow Crystal recommends Batiste Heavenly Volume Dry Shampoo

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