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Written on Monday, January 15, 2018

Hi everyone!

Christmas time is over, we all are back at work, and I’m sharing my opinion about a hair product which has managed to become one of my favorites.

So, it’s Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo

Price: about 6 Euro

Volume: 250 ml.

I love its glamorous girlish design, it’s so sweet and attractive with coconuts and golden font, and this lovely pearly tube etc.

The tube is made of soft plastic with a flip top cap. There was a foil seal under it.

The flip top does its job without breaking your nails.

It’s easy to dispense the shampoo. However, the tube isn’t flawless. The point is, the shampoo leaks! At first, it leaked into the cap and then started leaking through it. Even though the tube is supposed to stand upright, I store it horizontally. Nevertheless, the shampoo still somehow leaks through the cap.

So it’s absolutely not travel-friendly, plus the tube is soft and easy to squeeze the shampoo out of it.Made in GB.

The fragrance is sweet and delightful, not too overwhelming. If you dislike fragrances like coconut then this one is not for you, beyond a doubt. The fragrance is light and natural, like coconut milk. Actually I wouldn’t mind if it lingered on my hair for longer. Smile

Formula and color:

The shampoo is thick and doesn’t run between your fingers. The color is sheer and milky.

My shoulder length hair has been damaged by bleaching and coloring. Inherently, my hair is thin, with dry ends that tend to break off. When dried naturally, my hair is a bit wavy. Earlier, it was sort of porous, now it’s smoother and way better, since I haven’t dyed it for 2 years. I rarely use blow dryers, hair irons or straighteners, and usually let my hair dry naturally.

When it’s cold, I wash my hair every other day. In summer, I’ll return back to daily washing regime.

Sometimes I’m like a maniac chasing all products with specific scents. For example, not so long ago I had a thing for roses in fragrance, but it has ended quickly and now I’m running after coconuts, especially in hair care products.

Right after I saw the coconut line from Lee Stafford, I put it on my wish list and finally we made our acquaintance.I use the Coco Loco shampoo once or twice a week, alternating it with other shampoo, but sometimes I also use it daily, and nothing else but it.

I have the best impressions from this shampoo. Honestly, I didn’t expect this shampoo to be so cool, because I know that many criticize this line.

The shampoo doesn’t lather well and doesn’t build foam we all are used to, but I’m okay with that.

Thereby, it isn’t spent economically.

I wash my hair twice. The Coco Loco shampoo doesn’t dry out my hair, and doesn’t tangle it.

You can also wash your hair without conditioner. Sometimes I do so when I’m in a hurry, and my hair is silky smooth as if I used a conditioner.

The purifies my hair mildly yet excellently.

Actually I’m a big supporter of the idea that a hair balm or hair conditioner ought to be used after each hair wash in order to smooth out the hair cuticle, but with this shampoo, sometimes it’s okay to go without one.I don’t feel any silicone residue on my hair roots, they are clean and refreshed. The shampoo doesn’t give them volume, but it also doesn’t reduce their natural volume.

The fragrance doesn’t linger long on my hair, or I simply don’t feel it.My hair looks well-maintained and absolutely non-frizzy. The shampoo doesn’t cause negative reactions like itching or dandruff. The product doesn’t influence the shampooing frequency.

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MoskEna recommends Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo

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