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Written on Thursday, December 20, 2018
Pros: beautiful color, expensive shade, gray hair coloring, it doesn’t damage my hair, it makes my hair look better, it nurtures, it repairs my hair, longwearing, my hair is less oily, my hair is silky smooth, pleasant aroma
Cons: no

Hello everybody! :)I’ve been using henna for my hair for more than a year already. I adore henna! I’ve tried more than 10 types of it already! Smile

This is how my hair looked like before I started to use it.

I didn’t succeed at finding henna, which I’d be absolutely delighted with. But it was before I have tried this one from LUSH. This is my favorite so far!

When I was buying a moisturizer from this brand, my eyesight was caught with this chocolate bar. Smile And the sales girl explained to me that it was just henna!

I’ve never seen anything of this kind! In fact, henna isn’t rare and one can see it even in drugstores but at the Lush store, there was a variety to choose from: black, red, brown, chestnut henna.

I read some reviews of it before purchasing but there were positive, as well as negative ones, I still decided to take that risk.

The product comes packed with this paper bags. It’s such a cool marketing ploy! Fighting animal testing. I appreciate the brand’s philosophy.


The henna looks like this (sorry, I didn’t have enough time to take a picture of it when it was new, because I was anticipating to apply it).

It really looks like a chocolate bar, doesn’t it?

I decided to buy a chestnut color for me because I always used to dye my hair with red and burgundy shades. Right here I want to say that I wasn’t confused about the price. From my own experience, I want to say that the more expensive the henna is, the better the quality it offers. One can buy it from a local drugstore, which doesn’t cost more than $3 but it’ll fade within a week and then your hair will look splotchy.

THE PRICE TAG is super important for henna.


Let’s have a look at the ingredients list:

Red Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao) Indigo Herb (Fera tinctoria) Ground Coffee (Coffea Arabica) Fresh Organic Lemon Juice (Citrus Limonum) Irish Moss Powder (Chondrus Crispus) Clove Bud Oil (Eugenia Caryophyllus) *Citral *Eugenol *Geraniol *Citronellol *Limonene *Linalool Fragrance


As you can see, the list of ingredients is full of different oils. This is the reason I had to wash my hair with shampoo twice to wash it off. Usually, when I used to use regular henna, I used to wash it just with water and then apply some hair conditioner and that’s all.

How to use this henna:

1. Since it comes with a bar shape, I grated it. I didn’t find this process arduous, even though I know that some people find it annoying. The product didn’t dye my hands, so it was fine. I placed it into a plastic bowl and mixed with a plastic spoon.


2. After that, I mixed it with boiling water and left for 10 minutes.


3. Then I pass over to my skin preparation. I apply some oil over my forehead, brows, ears and neck so as not to dye them.


4. After that, I start to apply this henna mixture all over my clean and dry hair. I use gloves to do it. I also use a special hairbrush. It takes me from 25 to 35 minutes. No more.


5. Then cover my hair with cling wrap and wear a warm hat.


ATTENTION! Dear readers, I warn you from leaving the product overnight or for the entire day on. 2 hours will be enough for it to give the maximum results! No more! When I read the reviews where they mention that henna made their hair dry and damaged, I’m freaking out. Have you ever tried to leave your shampoo on for 4 hours? How do you think your scalp will find it? This is all wrong! Never leave it for so long! Do take care. And I advise you to listen to the manufacturer. If they say leave it on for 2 hours, it means 2 hours!


I don’t get it why gals all over the world keep on leaving it for more and complain that their hair looks pathetic afterwards.

As for me, I leave it on for 2 hours and no more!

I’ve been using it for a year and it’s never dried out my hair or anything. On the contrary, it has become more voluminous and thicker!

This is my hair BEFORE:

It was a month and a half since I had given it a dye.

My hair AFTER:

The henna from Lush not only dyed my hair (and gray hair as well) but it also nurtures it with oils! I don’t have to do all that mumbo jumbo, which is a part of regular henna, I can just take the Lush product and apply it as simply as possible. I appreciate the way it treats my hair! Look at the color! It’s awesome!

They mention its pleasant scent and I agree. It’s some kind of a chocolate and herb aroma. However, it disappears when I wash my hair.

Yeah, it is pricey! But it’s absolutely worth it. I’ve used 4 quads and during the application, I found out that 3 would be enough. But there are 2 more quads left, which will be enough for the next root coloring. It goes a super long way. The next time I buy it, those 6 quads will be enough to use for 3 times!

The Lush henna is worth the money it costs! I can highly recommend it! :)Now, this is my number one henna. I’ll keep on using it again and again.

Thanks for your attention!

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