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Written on Thursday, April 12, 2018
Pros: boosts volume, doesn't weigh hair down, has reconstructing ingredients, straightens hair
Cons: contains harsh chemicals

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried an abundance of various professional haircare products at the moment and I can definitely say that Nexxus is my favorite out there. The brand appeared recently in the USA.

Their range includes a professional serum to reconstruct the hair. That is the Emergency Treatment. I really wanted to try it out, because it’s not an ordinary hair mask or a conditioner, but a real serum that requires proper application.

It comes in a package with 4 tubes. The total volume is 80 ml.

Price: $20.

These tubes are meant for 4 applications.

A single tube with 20 ml is more than enough for my long and thick hair. Half of the tube will do for girls with less volume.

Where to buy? On or in pharmacies. The best price is at Walmart and it retails for $13 there.

Inside you can find a leaflet with claims about the amazing hair that we get after use, plus some directions that are really important:

I didn’t have the shampoo and conditioner of the range and used what I had at hand: The Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and the Nexxus Humectress Conditioner. All shampoos of this brand are quite similar in their performances, so I don’t think that there will be any difference. I believe that you can use any shampoo with emollient, silicone-free ingredients and absolutely any conditioner for this purpose.

What are the ingredients? Tap the picture to zoom.

  • Two polymers that ensure sealing effect

  • Beneficial ingredients: collagen amino acids and hydrolyzed elastin. I don’t know how good they will absorb, but I hope the effect ‘sticks’

  • Glycol - a good moisturizer

  • Sodium Chloride

  • Gelatin - a well-known ingredient for hair lamination at home

  • A few beneficial preservatives, one of which produce, for ex., formaldehyde.

Well, I wish there were more beneficial ingredients and less harsh chemicals.

The texture is liquid, colorless and has no distinct smell.

It forms some kind of a film in my hair that reminds me of hair lamination.



My hair is straight, thick and less fluffy. After I blew my hair dry, the tips are just a tiny bit fluffy, but that is not that big of a deal. It’s been a year since I last used the Keratin Smoothing Treatment:

This product boosts real volume and it feels like I have more hair. Moreover, it doesn’t weigh it down, so it’s a great plus for those with thin hair.

I don’t naturally have beautiful hair. It’s coarse, fluffy and a hassle to style.

This is how it looks without strong and effective haircare products and hair straighteners:

So, the difference is visible and this treatment does really work. BUT! I can’t say that it performs better than some great hair masks. For instance, the effect from the Nexxus HUMECTRESS ULTIMATE MOISTURE MASQUE is way cooler than after this treatment, if you leave it on 1 hour:

My hair is thicker and way more elastic.


My verdict:

It’s gonna be tough.

  • This serum is more like a quick hair lamination than a 100% reconstructing product. I think that it ensures more temporary visual results than a reconstruction from within. Yes, it has some ingredients for this purpose, but I think that some of the chemicals here are too harsh and can only harm and not help, but it’s just my personal opinion. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, because I can say that my hair didn’t get worse after 3 applications. My hair condition is pretty good now.

  • I recommend you following the directions and not carrying out any experiments to avoid any harmful consequences. I was itching to leave it on an hour and not wash it off, but after reading the list of ingredients, I changed my mind.

All in all, I give it 4 stars, because it’s a nice option to make your hair look good again and make it stronger quickly.

Moreover, it gives some volume to the hair, which is really important for some girls.

It doesn’t belong in my must-haves, as I prefer some well-tried hair masks that give the same nice results, even though they are pain in my neck to work with. So, I would recommend it to those who are into such drastic hair care products.

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MaryWhale recommends Nexxus Emergencée Reconstructing Treatment

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