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Written on Thursday, July 27, 2017
Cons: a little bit pricey

Hello everyone,

Today I’d like to tell you about our new family friend!

I’m talking about a superblender that makes soups, desserts, sauces and many other things easily! We purchased it on Ebay.

It’s not just a common blender but a superblender!

To begin with, I’d like to pay your attention to the fact that there are 6 blades at different angles, which pulverizes anything very finely! They mix your juices perfectly and create smooth soups, that they virtually melt in your mouth!

The appliance performs the following functions:

Pulse/Ice Crush: The blender shakes and crushes ice into the smallest particles in 60 seconds.

Smoothies: unique mode for mixing frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables. The variable speed dial makes it easier to get the velvety texture in 60 seconds.

Green Smoothies: the mode is designed for hard frozen or fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Frozen Dessert: the program is used for quick defrosting and combining frozen fruits with ice cream, for example.

Soup: blends and heats vegetables and makes a soup in 6 minutes! All the vitamins are still there!

Auto Clean: add some water and a drop of dish liquid detergent for the blender to remove the ingredients in 60 seconds. You just have to rinse it with water after that, that’s it. Additionally, there is a manual speed selector from super slow (for stirring and adding sugar, for example) to super high! You can choose any of 6 speed options.

The box comes with a silicone spatula for removing the ingredients after blending and a frozen dessert tamper.

The lid is very tight and safe and comes with a ring for removal. Moreover, you can also find 2 cookbooks, one of which is very bright and pretty with its pictures.

What can you cook with the blender?

Practically anything beginning from juices, soups to some sauces, creams and pastes!

All in all, I highly and widely recommend you to use the machine!

Every weekend I buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Then I wash and slice them and put these in packs. Whenever I want to make a cocktail, I just take a few pieces of a pineapple, apple and mango and put them in a blender. Next I push Smoothie button and here we are! In 60 secs I enjoy the freshest and tastiest smoothie!

You can also try bananas with a chocolate and vanilla ice cream, watermelon mint juice or a carrot soup!

It’s useless to continue listing the options, as there are an abundance of them! Get creative and try something new!

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Kate Queen recommends Breville BBL910XL Boss Blender

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