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Written on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hello dear readers of my review! The Guerlain brand is here to gladden us with the new Rouge G lipsticks, which are actually retailed along with the customized cases. And of course the cases will be available for purchase separately from the lipsticks.


Guerlain has created its first customisable lipstick with a double mirror: Rouge G de Guerlain.

Choose your shade and case to create your own lipstick.

A multitude of styles, from the most timeless to the most trendy, along with limited editions, to meet your every wish.

The must-have lipstick goes by the name of Rouge G, the custom lipstick. My shade, my case, my style.

Now Instagram is filled with pictures of the newly released cases (along with new lipstick shades of course). There's no chance to resist purchasing them.

I bought some cases and now I can say that I’m dreaming of buying some more as well. Smile

The idea of the cases is fantastic - first of all the they are a good chance to save our money. The Rouge G Lipstick is one of the most pricey lipsticks in the market which costs about $32. So now, when you use the bullet of the lipstick up, there’s no need for you to repurchase the full product again. All you have to do is to buy a bullet of the another shade and put it into the lipstick customizable case that you have.

Secondly, there’s no more need to look for the limited edition shades of the lipsticks just because of the beautiful case. Earlier, the cases of lipstick from the permanent collection used to look boring and plain and the only chance to see a beautiful case was to buy the limited edition. While now there are 15 cases in the collection to flatter everybody. You can create your own combinations of lipsticks and cases. Being at the store, I quickly understood that it was almost impossible to buy only one case. This is why I bought three, just in case. Smile

So, the price of the case is $17.50 for an item.

I guess that you can also wait for them to become discounted once the hype will melt away around them.

The country of manufacturing is China.

Choosing the cases, I was wondering whether they’ll fit into the old lipstick versions of the brand. And now I can say that they do fit! The thing is that the sticks themselves are absolutely identical, no matter what collection they are from, new or old.

So, if you have your favorite lipstick by Guerlain from the main collection and you like the design of the case from the new collection, it isn’t a problem any more. Go and grab it!

The cases come packaged with the black boxes which look like the following:


So now it’s time to show you what cases I chose. The first case is called Perfect Black which has a classical design and a black matte leather insertion. It looks super classy and really matches my handbag. Smile


The second case is Gypsy Folk.



Once I felt that summer is approaching, I quickly became hooked on different floral prints.

This case is made of metal, which reminds me of a tender pink colored enamel. The cap is adorned with the tiny pink and red flowers. It looks very summer-like and really womanly.



The third case is called Very Batik.



It’s blue and it’s also covered as though with enamel but here the cap has a silver pattern, which goes matchy with the silver body of the case itself.


Unlike the old version of the lipstick cases, the newly designed cases don’t have a magnetic closure and the lipstick is more difficult to fit in there. (the old version offered a good magnetic closure which was very easy to close with a click).


There are no problems with the new cases for me, yet still it’s a little weird and a bit uncomfortable.

I also want to highlight the fact that the cases are still very heavy. This is literally the heaviest lipstick that I’ve ever had a chance to hold in my hands.


Since the cases are customized and reusable, you have to be very careful with them. My blue case became scratched very quickly. It’s preferable to carry them in your makeup bag or maybe use some kind of a fabric pouch (maybe I need to bother with finding some of the proper sizes for my lipsticks) because they can become covered with scratches even when they simply touch some hard stuff in a makeup bag.



All in all, I really liked these cases. The wide range of 15 items offers a good scope to choose from. All the cases look stylish and sophisticated. They are literally like screaming to become a part of your makeup bag. Smile

So, if you’re a fan of the Rouge G Lipstick collection from Guerlain or you just like beautiful and funky things, then I thoroughly recommend you visit a beauty store and have a look at these cases. :)Thanks for your attention to my post! See you soon! Smile

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