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Written on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Hello there!

Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46
Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46

Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46
Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46


I bought this Sephora brush during a sale:

Made of goat bristles

The brush has a round blunt edge and a rather dense pack:


Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46
Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46


The bristles are very soft by touch and they never prick my skin. The brush is heavy and I appreciate that the gravity center is even here, hence the brush is ergonomic. It’s made of black plastic. The design is classy and pretty sleek. I love such brushes more than those ones which scream with color and sophistication.

Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46
Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46

The brush picks up beautifully any dry textured product:


  • Powder

The brush is fine to pick up transparent as well as pressed powder. I can even use it to apply those finicky Meteorites Pearl powder, you know. During application, it doesn’t break up the previously applied makeup. It polishes the appearance of my pores nicely and applies powder with a lightweight veil.


  • Contouring powder

The blunt edge of the brush is perfect to apply contouring powder over my face, and it comes not only to my cheekbones but also to my nose. The brush is convenient to pick up the powder on the blunt edge and contour my nose, making it appear narrower.

Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46
Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46


  • Bronzer

The brush works beautifully with my bronzer. I usually pick it up with the central part of the brush and apply over my cheeks and forehead. It makes my complexion perky and naturally tanned.


  • Blush

I follow the same technique to apply my blush with the central blush part over the apples of my cheeks.


  • Foundation

The brush can also be used to apply liquid textures. I adore the way it does that, though I still prefer it to apply my dry-textured products.


Taking all that into consideration, I apply all the powder products one by one: first goes the powder, then I wipe the brush over a dry tissue, then I apply my contour powder, then wipe the brush again and start applying my blush.

I mean I can apply all my face makeup with one and the same brush, given that I don’t wash it meanwhile, I just wipe it over a tissue and that’s enough. It saves so much time and space. For instance, I’d better take only this brush for traveling, rather than take several for different purposes.

I’ve been handling this brush for about a year now, so during that time there wasn’t a bristle to fall out and I can see that the brush still works fine. The only gripe is the place where I hold the brush most of the time. Here the lettering vanished. But it isn’t a problem at all. The brush looks almost brand new, like the very day I purchased it.



  • How to take care of it

The brush doesn’t require any special treatment. I wash it with regular soap and dry it horizontally, so as not to let the water get inside and for the bristles to stay fine for longer. I store it in a pouch or in a stand. The brush doesn’t take too long to dry out, even though it has a dense pack. It’s enough to wash it, blot with a towel, leave on for 15 minutes and continue using. I wash it every week.


It’s been a long time since I started doing my makeup only with this brush when I apply dry textures. It’s such a must-have for me, because:

  • it’s versatile;

  • it’s of dope quality;

  • it blends out all the products amazingly;

  • it doesn’t require any special treatment or care;

If you’re looking for a versatile brush for your face makeup, then I can highly recommend this one. Especially if you manage to grab it during a sale. If not discounted, the price might seem to be too high ($33.00). But I know that all the brushes from the brand that I have are of a good quality.

Genuinely recommend it, the brush is literally flawless. It really makes my existence easier and makeup application faster.

Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46
Sephora Contour Bronzer Brush #46

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