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Written on Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Pros: beautiful shade, comfortable on the lips, doesn’t dry out my lips, doesn’t feather, doesn’t smudge, fine and opaque coverage, instantly dries down, longwearing color, perfect matte shade, pleasant creamy texture, stunning pigmentation

Last Black Friday I bought a lot of goodies for great money. Smile One of the purchases was this Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in the color Dazed. They offered a good price for it and considering the size, I couldn’t pass it by, even though I still hesitated as the swatches didn’t seem to be true to life.

Time of use - 3 weeks

Package and price:

The tube is made of a pleasant to the touch plastic and it looks very pretty. Smile

Size - 3.2g

The applicator is convenient to work with, as it isn’t big and doesn’t take out a lot of the product to be enough to apply all over my face. It’s flat on both sides and looks like a makeup spatula. Smile

2. Scent

I can’t make out any particular scent to this lippie. I can feel only some lipstick fragrance without any other frills or agents.

3. Consistency

The lipstick is of average consistency. It doesn’t flow out of the rims and I find it easy to apply the lip gloss with it, thanks to the convenient applicator. I don’t use a lip liner as I use a brush to line my lips and be sure that the product won’t feather or anything.

It dries down rather quickly and takes about 2 minutes to set completely to get beautiful matte lips of a redwood color. Wink

In the tube the color seems way lighter than on my lips.

4. Color

I wasn’t sure that this color would flatter me, as in the swatches it always looked different. And you know what, all my worries were in vain! The color is just fab!

A swatch on my arm in the daylight:

In the lamp light:

A swatch on my lips in the white light (selfie ring light):

Lamp light indoors:

5. Lasting power

The lasting power is superb. It really exceeded all my expectations! It stays on nice and I don’t feel any discomforting feelings with this product on at all. You know, by the end of the Christmas party all the girls’ lipsticks faded but mine was still there with me. The only dud is that it faded a little bit from the inside of my mouth and that’s it. But I ate a lot. Smile

All night long they used to ask me if I touched up my lips and I answered that I didn’t!

During application you should be very careful not to cross the lines of the lips, otherwise it’ll be rather difficult to remove the product and not stain the skin around with the red pigment. If I make a mistake I usually take a q-tip with micellar water, wipe my lip contour with it and then use a foundation or powder to camouflage my mishap.


Here I tried to wash the lippie off with water. No success!

I rubbed my arm quite severely and still the product was there. Smile Nothing happened with it at all…

Here I applied some liquid soap and lathered it: some parts of with the lipstick faded a little but in the photo it isn’t well visible.

And my little helper - cleansing oil! I can wash off literally everything with it. Plus, it doesn’t bring any harm to my skin. Smile

A life hack!

If you are desperate to wash off such lipstick or any other long-wearing eyeliner or anything, then use a regular cream!

When I visited my parents, I didn’t have my cleansing oil with me, so after trying all the makeup removers that my mom uses, I understood that nothing there was able to wash off my makeup. My eyes were already sore and red when I desperately decided to apply some greasy mum’s cream. And a miracle happened, I slightly rubbed my eyes with that cream and that’s it, everything was washed off and my eyes came to their usual condition. Wink

THE BOTTOM LINEI definitely assess this product with 5 stars! I could have assess it with all 10 stars, because it’s just awesome! Now I want to buy a couple of other colors from the collection. Once I buy them, I’ll definitely make a review of them as well! Smile

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Deleona recommends Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

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