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Written on Thursday, March 29, 2018

Why hello there Internet friends!

Eyebrows is a pet peeve for me. I haven't liked my brows since childhood and when I was a teenager I even had complexes. At first they were naturally broad and thick. Then I started using tweezers and made my brows looking overly thin. Anyway I was still not pleased with my brow shape. After a while I plucked the root of my nose and the tails of my brows wickedly. Then I gave up and cut a fringe, so that nobody ever saw this disaster.

Eventually I got tired of the fringe, plus I desperately wanted to have beautiful eyebrows. So, I decided to let my fringe and brows grow. At that point the eyebrow pencils, pomades, powders and gels were my best friends. To be honest with you, I gravitate towards brow powders and pomades more than to pencils, but today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the brow pencil I got from a beauty box about a year ago.

⭐⭐⭐ Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil ⭐⭐⭐


Amount: 0.34 g

Price tag: $24

Shade: 03 Medium

I have a trial size of the pencil and as far as I understood the only difference with the bigger pencil is that it doesn’t have a brush on the other end.

OK then! I have my own brush anyway Smile

The design is somewhat futuristic in my opinion. I was hooked by the complicated and many-sided cap.

Choosing between the traditional and mechanical pencils, I will definitely pick up the latter one. I had plenty of traditional pencils that I used only till the moment I had to sharpen them for the first time. After that they were always on the shelf, because I was too lazy to do that.

Plus, I don’t have to sharpen away half of the crayon with the mechanical pencils. Generally speaking, they are more convenient to use for me personally.

The crayon is non-traditional and has a round and wide shape, plus a sharp tip, but everything here is made for a reason.

The sharp tip is meant for drawing single hairs and the wide part is for filling in.

The pencil is thought to sharpen itself when you change the sides you use. But what we have in reality is that the crayon gets really soft, but precise and fine strokes are still possible.

The shade No. 03 Medium has a cold undertone. I love its powdery finish without any hint of orange. In the swatch it looks light, but it actually compliments my dark brows really well. I’m not much into dark and almost black brows, so I prefer using some lighter brow products.

Left - the swatch with a wide side, right - with the sharp one. The crayon is medium sturdy, so that you can fill in the gaps easily, yet it’s soft. It’s not crumbly and draws the lines straight and even without any clumps or gaps.

So, what do I need from an eyebrow pencil?

At the moment I have more or less normal brow shape, although I still have some gaps that I want to fill in and I am not happy with it. If I don’t define or shape them, they look like too straight. Therefore I draw a beautiful arch I lack.

In the first place, I comb through my brows with a brush. It’s necessary for me, because my hairs grow too long, which is not really a big deal as opposed to the fact they also roll up! In the picture you can see them already groomed with a brush.

After that I draw the tail of my brow with a sharp tip. My tails are constantly over-tweezed, because I just can’t kick this bad habit.

When a brow grows up and starts rolling up, it sticks every which way. In this case I should just use scissors very carefully, but it’s not for me Smile

Then I draw the body of my brow with the wide side to fill in all the gaps. Then I groom them with a brush again and style them. I perform it in order to blend out the sharp lines more properly and to soften the brow shape.

That’s how I define my single brow. I constantly have problems with the second one.

I simply can’t make them look identical! The second one has awkward and uneven hairs that literally stick every which way!

So, an eyebrow pencil helps me there too. It’s very easy to make some strokes in  this area. As a result, I have the following:


This pencil doesn’t really make my brows too dark.

At the beginning of this review I said that I usually use brow powders and wax. The reason is that I have to fix my brows properly, otherwise they look erratic during the day. But I haven’t fixed this eyebrow pencil and it lasted all day really well on me.

I would give it 4+ on a scale from one to five for that.

In general, I loved this pencil. It’s easy to use and work with. Moreover, it’s quite long-lasting and it neither flows nor smudges. The only gripe I have is that there is too little of the product in the packaging.

I use brow pencils very rarely and when I’m in a mood for that, I think that it will last for about 6 months for me, but if you use it daily, it won’t go far. You should keep that in mind before purchasing.

All in all, I like it. The Benefit eyebrow products are thought to be awesome for a reason!

Guys, thank you for reading my review!

See you Smile

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