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Written on Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hi everyone!


Today I would like to tell you about a goodish and quite affordable palette from the American company Color Pop. I learned about this brand recently, as my friends kept buzzing about it. "Excellent quality for a low price and a large selection of palettes for every taste" - that's what everyone says. So I decided that it's time to learn more about this brand and my choice fell on the "I think that I love you" palette in everyday brown shades. Well, let’s see if I can love you, baby.



I bought it on the official website for $12.5 during a discount period. It costs 16 bucks without a discount.



The palette is packed in a beautiful cardboard box, on the back side of which we can find all the necessary product information.



Country of origin - USA. Cruelty-free.





It's more than just a crush with this mixed finished, bronzed up palette. We did not just give you neutrals - we put this baby into overdrive!


Exposed bronze shadows that will not let us get bored. Let's go further.


Package and design:


The palette is unexpectedly small, unlike its image on the box. It’s made of solid glossy cardboard.





The palette opens easily and effortlessly. It is closed with a magnet latch. It is tiny and fits easily in my palm.



The first thing that jumps out at you is this nasty chemical smell, as though it’s a cheap fake product. The smell did not fade even after a few days. Such an unpleasant peculiarity.



Let's move on to the shades.


There are 12 shades in the palette: 4 matte and 8 metallic ones.



Let's move on to the swatches


All the swatches were applied without a base, because the color payoff is perfect without one.


1st column


Includes three metallic shades. These can be perfectly picked up with a flat brush and transferred onto the eyelid without fallout.



(All further swatches are made with a brush, and in one layer, except in the ‘tips’ of the leaves, where I applied 2-3 layers )


1) Bitter Better: metallic soft gold - pure gold, beautiful shade. Perfectly applied with a flat brush and does not require any sticky base. Great for as a base color and in the inner corner of the eye. Also, can be used as a highlighter.



2) Howdy: metallic red bronze. It actually looks like a pure brown satin shade. Suitable for the corner of the eye or as the main color.



3) Screw It: metallic soft rose gold. Very beautiful shade. Fits as a main color on the mobile lid.



2nd column


These are all matte and dusty, but with great blendability and high color payoff.



1) Bel Air: matte cool taupe. Soft brown, looks great in the eyelid crease


2) Rowdy: matte warm ivory. On my eyelids, it’s barely visible, but it's good for creating a natural make-up, and also as a light shade to apply under the eyebrow. It has micro-fine particles, but these do not change the color in any way.



3) Let's Do It: matte true black. In fact, it's very difficult to find a black eyeshadow which is truly black, but I’m happy that this one does this job, even though only when applied in 2 layers. Blendable, suitable for smokey eye makeup as well as for a black winged eyeliner.



3rd column


My favorite one. It’s the bomb!



1) Fancy Face: metallic bright red copper. Well, at least it’s not very red, but it’s rather a brown metallic. To be honest, I’m not impressed.



2) My Treat: metallic champagne ivory. Probably the most beautiful shade in the palette. The beautiful color of champagne is simply luxurious. The shade can be worn solo as well as in the inner corner of the eye.



3) Rule Breaker: Metallic bright yellow gold. The only bright color in the palette. 10 chickens out of 10.



4th column


It consists of satin, metallic and matte shades. Description of shades from top to bottom.



1) Girls Bite: metallic golden bronze. Beautiful brown with golden particles. Score: 10 brown colors out of 10.



2) Level Up: metallic bright penny copper. Falls out extremely easy, so I’d recommend you to apply it onto a sticky base. But despite his shortcomings, I liked this shade very much.



3) My Type: matte deep saddle brown - Falls out, but with good blendability. Suitable for the corner of the eye.



All shades. Swatches applied with a brush

This is a palette of brown shades and with a bit of black and light ones. The head will spin with so much brown.




Persistence and makeup:


The shades don’t last without a base and are easily removed even with one swipe of a cotton pad.




Why did I do swatches with a brush and why do I also show you swatches made with my finger?


Because swatches made with fingers are more pigmented, but when you take a brush you see worse results.

So, just a little comparison:



I hope you can see the difference color payoff? Take a closer look:





The eyeshadows leave no tint once removed.





With three matte shades, it's easy to create an everyday make-up, and simply adding any metallic shade. With an eyeshadow base, they last whole day long.


PS I'm not a makeup guru, so just bear with me.





The palette is noteworthy since it contains various highly pigmented shades for a low price. The names of the shades tell us a story of two lovers. I give this palette four stars. It’s not love, but we’ll definitely be friends!

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