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Written on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

For a rather long time, I was willing to buy a self-gather palette but I couldn’t make up my mind on which brand to choose. Some of them were too expensive while others were nasty in quality. Until one day I visited the Colourpop official site and took notice of the Build Your Own Palette section. I decided to play on there and have a look at what my palette would look like. I chose 24 refills and then found out that my palette would cost me $50 instead of $100. Later on, I discovered that this section on the site is promotional and functions only two times a year. I wish it was all year round because I’ve already got an idea of my other build-your-own-palette. Sad

So, let’s get it started. The refills were packed with a magnet palette, which is of rather good quality by the way.

However, it has a soft-touch cover, which is so easy to stain but I don't want to get picky. After all, the palette can be wiped off easily. It isn’t the velvet cover like of many other eyeshadow palettes.

The next thing I’d like to talk about is the quality. It is different according to the finish of the product.

I wasn’t impressed with the matte shades at all. They are pretty dry but still, I manage to use them for my makeup.

What I really like here is the metallic shades. If only I had a chance to re-build my palette, I would have placed only the metallics there.

Tea Garden- it’s a really beautiful shade. It shines from golden-pink to yellow and green colors. I fell for it completely. I also want to note that it appears better over a primer because it does lack some basic color in it. It’s more like a beautiful adornment for my makeup.

And yeah, my makeup looks much better in life rather than in the picture

Glass Bull- one more duochrome beauty. Mirror-green-blue shade which is pink and brown based. This shade is the best-selling one from the BlueBrown collection.

And my makeup with it as an accent in the middle of my lid:

Sideline- this one is so hackneyed in the refill but it’s so dope when I apply it. Like the previous two shades, this one is a duochrome color. But unlike those, it’s got its own bright and visible bronze base, which shines bright with green and golden colors.

My makeup - Sideline is in the middle and Tea Garden is in the corners of my eyes:

Come and get it- gorgeous shade, it shines from pink to golden. Thick and not too clear based.

Something went wrong with my makeup with an eyeliner. Smile

20 something- golden color. It picks up with chunky bits but when I apply it on my eyes, those bits magically disappear. The color is thick and foiled.

Fault Line- the first color that I was disappointed with. It’s badly pigmented and I have to rub it in to get the more or less bearable payoff. But it doesn’t want to sit on my finger and it’s also tricky to wash off from my finger.

Prowlin'- gentle lavender shade. Depending on the angle you look at it, it shifts from silver to golden color.

Two Piece- one more disappointing product. It’s a very beautiful blue shade, which is sheer in my makeup.

Backstage- matte blue color, which is better than metallic colors in quality but it still leaves more to be desired.

Tiny Tangerines- turquoise shiny shade with some glistening flecks. When I blend it out I can see that it’s green-based.

Formation- matte turquoise shade. It isn’t good in quality and I can see that the blue and lilac shades aren’t a feature of the ColourPop brand.

Silver Lining- dusty purple. It’s dirty in the refill and the quality is terrible.

Howlin'- chalky lilac-lavender shade. It isn’t bad but like all the other matte ones, it’s dry.

Pretty cruel- this shade is good. Brow-vinous shade with flecks (at first I was afraid of them).

Going Steady- pleasant crimson-vinous shade. In general, its quality is okay for me, especially, recollecting the blue shades.

Sandbar- bright pink color, nothing bad to say about its pigmentation. But it stains my skin.

143- purple matte.

Making moves- matte pink coral. In life, it looks more coral than in the photo.

Wait for it- matte white-off pink.

I owe you- matte pale peach shade.

Paper tiger- matte dirty-yellow-green color. It reminds me of khaki but this one is more yellow-based. Like mustard.

Koi- matte fair-orange shade.

Tiki- satin pink, barely pigmented yellow shade. But I still like it.

Bratty- matte orange, saturated color. It’s also nice to pack.

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