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Written on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hello everyone,

It’s time to tell you about my bronzer I wanted badly for so long. I managed to buy it last summer. I mean the legendary Hoola Benefit bronzer. It’s the best-selling bronzer all over the world, which is also popular among beauty bloggers. Kylie Jenner loves it! Just recently I came across a video, where she says about her everyday makeup with Hoola bronzer.

I’ve used it up almost, so I had much time to estimate its properties.

Let’s proceed to the description of the bronzer.

Country: USA

Volume: 8 g or 4 g (mini-version)

Packaging: The product comes in a tough paper packaging that definitely does not suit its high price.

But it should be noted that the packaging is extremely firm, it hadn’t worn off for 7 months of constant carrying it in a handbag and makeup bag, etc. It looks brand new.

On the back we can find the ingredients listed.

Let’s open the box.

There we can see a brush covered with a film and a plastic leaf between brush and bronzer separating them. Again, I think it could have been better for the price.

Buying this bronzer, I thought that I would need a professional contouring brush, so I bought Sephora which is quite expensive actually.

But it turned out that it’s more convenient to use the little brush attached.

The handle of the brush is wooden. The brush itself has natural bristles. It’s very soft and good for applying and blending the product. If you compare it with the other expensive contouring brushes, you’ll see that they all have the same flat form, so the difference lies just in a longer handle and a higher price.

When the bronzer is out, I leave this brush for other bronzers. Although I think I’ll buy Hoola again.

The shade: It’s hard to describe it, as it looks different on each face. Sometimes it seems ashy or a bit brown, sometimes warm or cold. It looks like white coffee in the box. It should be noted that the bronzer is MATTE.

My experience:

I’ve got quite a round face, so highlighters and bronzers are my best friends. They make my face appear thinner and defined, looking tanned and fresh.

I’ve almost finished my makeup, so I’m ready for the bronzer now:

It’s better to make some heavy strokes with a flat brush first. It looks like this:

I sweep the bronzer under my cheekbones and on the forehead, ‘cause I’ve got round cheeks and a large forehead. Then a little bit on my lower lip. I emphasize a shadow which falls from the lower lip. Thus my lips look much fuller. One can sculpt the nose with this bronzer by the way.

Next I blend it out either with the same brush or with a big kabuki or fan brush. It applies and blends out very easily.

Hoola bronzer works well for any girl either tanned or fair-skinned, because you can achieve whatever color you want by blending out or layering the product.

The bronzer is blended out, see the result:

Keep in mind that this bronzer has a cold shade in reality, it doesn’t go red at all.

Hoola bronzer is my favorite everyday eyeshadow. I sweep it in the crease of my eyes.

It’s so convenient to use on trips, because you can leave your eyeshadow at home.

Here’s a complete face-makeup. I used the bronzer as eyeshadow here.

Photos do not show how perfect this bronzer is.


It’s an amazing bronzer! I don’t regret buying it. It’s worth its price despite its poor packaging. The bronzer makes your face look thinner and forehead smaller. Plus, it defines your cheekbones. Moreover, the face appears a little bit tanned and refreshed. Hoola has a nice soft texture that glides onto my skin easily. The shade suits girls with any skin tone.

It has a matte texture and no red tint. The brush attached has natural bristles and it blends out the color perfectly.

So, I love it!

I recommend Hoola Benefit. I’m gonna buy it over and over again!

Thank you for reading my review Smile

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Sofiebeauty recommends Benefit Hoola Bronzer

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