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Written on Friday, August 24, 2018
Pros: decent quality, does not require any additional palettes, easy to blend out, gorgeous packaging, some mattes are of good quality, well pigmented
Cons: the shade amethyst should be layered

Hey guys!

Disclaimer: Here you will find some close-ups, so if you fear to see something you won’t like, do not read on.

Thank you for your understanding.

I’ve been crushing on this palette since the day it was launched. But I bought it only in May. I decided to finally purchase it after watching a video, but in reality this palette is not that perfect.

I’m not saying that I regret about the purchase, but it’s a shame that somebody pulled my leg.

The palette looks lovely, but it comes in a paper package! Are you serious? $65 for a paper package?

Here is an unfiltered picture of all shades for you to understand how they look in real life:

Here is what I saw on Instagram and Youtube. Yeah, I can be fooled so easily:

The hues look brighter here or what?

I didn’t swatch this product for a reason. There is an abundance of these swatches on the Internet already. Additionally, if I swatched it, I would only be underwhelmed by their poor pigmentation, especially by the color Amethyst…

Yep, I know that it’s hard to produce a good violet shade, but other manufacturers succeeded in it and Huda didn’t.

Just take a look at how bad it applies. I even stopped there and decided to remove this makeup:

Yep, it’s Amethyst in a single coat. OK then. After that I decided to give this hue another chance and layered it:

As a result, I had a mess. However looking from afar, the makeup was pretty decent Smile

Blending shade: Amethyst

Outer corner of my eyes: Oud

Inner corner of my eyes: Nefertiti

Alright then, let’s move on to the prettier shades out there.

My daily makeup seems quite pale, but I’m not allowed to wear it brighter at work.

Blending shade: Oud

Main color: Twilight

Then I tried to create a makeup with Cosmo. I love this color tone, but it doesn’t stick to my eyelids without a specific glitter glue. It was my first attempt to work with glister shade and I failed.

Blending with: Musk and Eden

However, the second attempt was more successful and I loved the results! The following shades are used:

- Desert sand: I applied it to set the foundation on my eyelids. Yep, I use foundation as a primer.

- Musk: to darken the crease.

- Eden: to blend all shades together.

- Amber: to make the shades look brighter.

- Oud: applied it to my lower eyelid and to slightly darken my crease.

- Cosmo: applied to my whole eyelid.

- Turkish Delight: applied to my lower eyelid.

-Saffron: applied to my crease.

- Blazing: can be noticed on my lower eyelid and at the edge of the blending color.

The next look is my favorite one! Guess who inspired me! Smile

After a while I tried to tame the shade Retrograde, which is quite weird. As you can see, I didn’t succeed.

By the way, Retrograde is applied on top of Amethyst here. Then I tried to make shimmer lines:

To be honest, the result looks quite pretty, but it’s not really my thang.

Another more or less daily makeup:

I also tried to create a pink-toned makeup with this palette and you know what… I nailed it!

Well, right it’s more like an orange-pink look, but still.

I used Amethyst, this weird Retrograde on top of Angelic, Desert Sand, Eden and Blazing here.

Finally I’d like to show you the makeup I tried when I was in Beijing and how good it lasted, but it was hot as hell outside, so yes, it creased towards evening badly:

I put on makeup hastily, that’s why I blended out the colors badly, but the full face looked very pretty from afar.

My overall thoughts:

I recommend this palette to those who have a soft spot for orange hues and those who prefer wearing shadows no more than 5 hours.

Also, do not be fooled by the shades Twilight and Retrograde. They are not perfect. However, I may be the only one who is not pleased by them, but I believe that ALL shades in a palette that costs a fortune should work way better.

I won’t repurchase it, but if you are into a semi-sheer coverage or don’t mind layering some shades endlessly, you’ll love this palette! Smile

Happy shopping!

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MarRodriguez recommends Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eye Shadow Palette

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