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Written on Friday, January 19, 2018

Hi friends!

This is my second Jeffree Star’s palette.

I postponed this review for a long time, because I wanted it to contain many makeups, but since taking photos would have taken a lot of time, I decided to start writing it now. But I’ll be adding photos over time.

I have experience with each shadow from this palette, and now I’m ready to write about it.

Price: $45

The fact that these eyeshadows are cruelty-free is also noteworthy.

The palette contains 10 eyeshadows. 2 of them are metallic, 7 super-matte and 1 shimmery.

Each refill contains 2,52 grams. That’s quite a lot, and as a beauty maniac, I can’t help but feel delightful about it.

Let me start off with the description of the appearance of this palette. The palette came in a brown box with the imprinted logo. I’d say, it resembles a chocolate bar. There is absolutely no unpleasant smell.

Inside I found a glistering neon-pink palette made of solid cardboard. The logo is there as well, in gold.

The palette opens 180 degrees, there is a magnet latch.

The palette features a big mirror, which is quite handy btw.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are 10 shades, and they seem giant.


  • Frosting - A pale metallic gold.
  • Safe Word - Cool, light brown.

  • Charm - Deep orange.

  • Deja vu - A metallic, glittery brown.

  • Dominatrix - Deep, chocolate brown.

  • Androgyny - A mauve plum.

  • Fetish - Deep, dark red.

  • Military - Matte green.

  • Poison - A dark teal.

  • Swallow - Dark blue.


Well, I wholeheartedly love this collection of warm non-standard shades.

Of course you can create a nude day makeup with this palette but I don’t think it’s the reason to buy it.

Androgyny is rather for jaw-dropping makeups, unusual color combinations and experiments. I can’t recommend it as an everyday palette.

As an eyeshadow maniac I paint my eyes radiant and vivid. My eyelids are like a canvas, and this palette is simply any artist’s dream. I reach for it every day and always have so many makeup ideas in my head.

The colors are juicy and unusual. Believe me, each of them is a dream.

Pigmentation: I think everyone knows that Jeffree has the most highly-pigmented products: eyeshadows, highlighters, lipsticks. The color payoff is just WOW. One simple touch with a finger and your skin color will be covered.

Fallout: It’s hard to speak about it in general, since each shadow behaves differently, but these shadows don’t fall out, and it’s hard to stain the lower eyelid.

Blending: The shades blend great, even if you mix many colors on your eyelid, you won’t get a mess. The shadows create very beautiful transitions.

However, if you decide to blend dark shades right into your skin, there is a risk of getting dark uneven spots. You’ll have to layer the eyeshadows in order to get rid of these spots. But it’s kind of normal for dark shades.

Layering: If you layer eyeshadows with a brush, each layer will be richer than the previous one. But you won’t have to create many layers, since the eyeshadows have a great color payoff even when applied with a finger. Usually I whip the eyeshadows in the mobile lid in order to get a better result, and apply the rest with a brush. I don’t apply more than 2-3 layers, which give the same color as in the refill.

But it only works when you blend together eyeshadows with the same finishes. Personally I can’t apply the metallic shade Frosting over a matte color. I have to apply another base for it.

In terms of durability, these do their job decently and don’t come off even without a base.

In case of oily skin, the color may fade off a little bit, but it still won’t look messy and unwearable.

This happened to me recently. The eyeshadows were in the crease after a few hours but still looked decent.

Now a few words about each color plus swatches.Frosting: an amazingly beautiful gold-beige metallic. I love using it in the inner corner of the eye and sometimes under the eyebrow. Also, it can be used as a highlighter. Its only minus is that it doesn’t last when applied over matte shades and should be applied on a base.

Safe Word: a transition grey brown color to apply in the crease. Can be quite dark if you layer it. I use it almost in every makeup. However, it falls off more than the others.Charm: a warm yellow-orange color. Also can be used as a transition color. I love to apply it on the whole lid as the only eyeshadow. It reminds me of warm sunny fall, and I turn into a little sun myself when I wear it. In the photo you can see tiny sparkles, but the final result is absolutely matte.Deja Vu: a bronze metallic. The better of two metallics in the palette. Can be applied even over matte colors. Can be applied dry and gives full coverage. It looks dazzling and I’d even say gorgeous. The most buttery shade in the palette.Dominatrix: a dark brown, warm matte color. Except its quality, there is nothing special about it. It’s a great color for the crease or the eye corner.

Androgyny: the namesake of the whole palette. One of my favorite shadows. It’s really complicated, the color is even a kind of plum grey. Super-dense and super-matte. I don’t have any colors of this kind in my collection. The shade looks expensive. I can wear it both solo or in combination with other colors. It’s like a cherry on the top.

This color doesn’t fade or come off at all.

Fetish: dark red, matte, contains little golden glitters. The shadow of passion and luxury. These sparkles don’t fall out and don’t look foreign. They complement the shadow with their shimmer, which depends on the lighting. The shadow is rich, it makes you ‘Woman in red’. It can come off a little bit without a base, though.

Military: a weird green-khaki. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for experiments and only used it in combination with a blue eyeshadow. I wouldn’t use this color, even though I like it. I want to try it in a mix with Androgyny.

Poison: a grey blue color with a green undertone, which is visible in a certain lighting.

It’s a dark matte color, which shouldn’t be blended on bare skin. I think it’s a great choice for smokey eye makeup.

Swallow: and now to the last one (but not in terms of quality). It’s a clear dark blue and deep color. It’s so beautifully cold! The last two shadows seem similar, but they look different on the eyes

All the shadows are soft, silky smooth, highly-pigmented and of great quality. The palette belongs to the high end segment, and one always expects more from such products because of the price. I have only one complaint: I wish the metallics applied better over the matte shades. It would have made the job simpler. There is nothing else to grumble about. The palette is definitely worth its price. I can recommend it if you are looking for something dazzling and unusual. Also, the palette is simple to use, if you blend the shadows carefully.

I love Jeffree Star products, and I hope it stays that way.


Thank you for reading my review!

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KayenLeen recommends Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Eye Shadow Palette

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