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Written on Tuesday, June 26, 2018


For the last 6 months, my makeup collection has changed: there appeared a lot of eyeshadow palettes which I was dreaming of having for a really long time.

And of course, among those palettes there are two by the Juvia’s Place brand, which is so popular and hyped among beauty bloggers all over the globe.


So, today let’s have a thorough look at this palette with an intriguing name The Magic.

Is it really so magical, as they promise? Well, have a look at everything yourself.


Place of purchase: the official Juvia’s Place website.


Manufacturer: the eyeshadows were made in China, but designed in the USA


Weight: 57.6g (OH MY GOSH!) That means that we get 3.6g of each shade here.


Price: on the official website the palette costs $30, not discounted. I bought it on sale - 40% off. But be careful, as far as I know, now they retail only the mini version of the palette, even on the official site.


Outer appearance:


The design of the Juvia’s Place palettes is really appealing to me. They are always bright, I’d even say exotic. And I’m also raving about the fact that each palette is usually inspired by some culture or character.

Here the palette The Magic by Juvia's Place impersonates the Goddesses of the Moon and the Sun, combining cool-toned as well as warm-toned shades here. The Goddesses are also imprinted on the palette themselves.

I would also like to emphasize that the eyeshadows were packed nicely, this is why nothing bad happened to them while shipping.

The palette is actually a sturdy cardboard material, which closes with the help of magnets. There’s no mirror provided inside.




All in all there are 16 shades in the palette:

The first two rows are actually a mix of pink, red and brown shades.


The next two is a mixture of gray, blue and green colors.


It’s notable that the palette was created by a black woman, hence the shades and their intensity is different to what we’ve actually gotten used to seeing in the beauty market.


I want to have a closer look at each shade separately:

  • Nubia − yellow golden color

  • Zakiya − terracotta shade where the red color prevails more

  • Osun − light pink color with silver flecks

  • Kesi − vanilla-beige shade

  • Zuba − rose gold color

  • Nana − rusty-red shade

  • Boronu − golden caramel shade

  • Kogi − berry red


  • Faso − lilac with silver-blue sparkle

  • Aja − dark green shade

  • Vai − iron grey

  • Yemoja − off white color

  • Ife − deep-toned dark purple

  • Yara − muted golden-green hue

  • Buzo − the fresh greenery color

  • Yejide − deeply-toned dark blue color

6 shades out of 16 are matte in the palette.


Texture and wear time:


The shimmer and metallic shades from Juvia’s Place have become a legend by the brand: makeup junkies are raving about the butter texture and color payoff of these products. It’s difficult to say something negative about these shades, no matter how much you want it to, so there’s only a way out of joining the club. Laughing out loud

However, the matte shades by the brand aren’t as hyped as shimmers and metallics, though. Some people say that the matte colors look patchy on the skin, others scald them for being difficult blending-wise. Fortunately for me, I haven’t faced any problems with the mattes here at all.

The wear time of these products has turned out to be great: I can notice that they look a tad (!) less pigmented by the end of the day. But they don’t disappear from my lids, crease or fall out. I was afraid that smooth texture shimmer shades will be whimsical, but their technical characteristics have turned out to be better than I expected. Smile


I was almost sure that it would be impossible to create more or less nude and everyday wear makeup looks for me with this The Magic palette by Juvia’s Place, but I was wrong! Smile



I’m delighted with this palette and that’s true! The design, color range, price/quality correlation are all the hits for me!

The palette is so inspiring!

I guess I’ll soon have a desire to buy all the other palettes by the brand to fit into my makeup collection. Laughing out loud


Thanks for reading my post!

I wish you all have your lives brightly colored!


See you soon,

yours minHerzing ♥

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