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Written on Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Pros: every day go-to option, it gives nice glow
Cons: high price which doesn’t live up to the quality, strange shades

Hello makeup junkies!

Today I’ll speak about an affordable face makeup product. This is actually a palette of highlighters, which is by the Korean-Chinese-and American brand at the same time. I’ll explain it a little below. So, the Kiss New York – Halo Strobing palette, let’s get it started!

Packaging: As many other affordable brands, this one also offers a rather plain plastic black compact with a see-through window on the front. The back of the palette has a sticker with all the product information (or not actually all?).

The only thing that I failed to find was the list of ingredients, which is not only a drawback of the product, but also an inappropriate fact for the customers.

I’m not the one who is concerned about the ingredients of a cosmetic product, yet I do believe that there are a lot of people who depend on it, those ones who are talc allergic, for instance. So, a huge con here.

The name of the brand, as well as the collection name of the palette is applied with white letters over the plastic. Nothing special, I have to admit.

Manufacturer: The product was made in China, but the brand is American. And as far as I know, the formula is Korean. Such a multi-national product.

Size: 5.27g (0.18 oz) in each refill pan. For example, we can compare it with the famous Mary Lou Manizer. It has 8.5g of the product.

Smell: it’s cosmetic and absolutely not chasing.

What do they say about the palette on the official site:

A fine shimmery highlighter that reflects light and strobes the face.

  • Refined powder highlighter that gives a luxurious glow

  • Finely milled powder blends seamlessly into the skin

  • Combination of three different shades for an all body highlight

So now, let’s pass over to the most interesting part.

Shades: As you’ve already guessed there are three shades in the palette. (By the way, I have my palette in the color #01. I know that they also offer the #02 which houses darker shades).

The first one is the fairest. I’d even say that it’s white. It applies nicely with my finger, and not so good with a brush. And of course this off-white color will flatter only Snow White girls.

The second shade is also fair, but it has some hint of a pink color to it. It picks up with my finger worse than the first shade but with the brush it also applies bearably. If I properly blend out this shade with a pink hint and the first off-white color, the difference on my skin will be barely visible.

The third shade- Well, this one finally fits the bill. This fair-golden shade will flatter even those with a fair skin tone. It blends out and applies beautifully. In general, this is the only shade that I liked.

The blending of the shades is shown here:

Texture: These highlighters are powder texture-wise, though they aren’t chalky. The glistening bits are really small and it’s practically impossible to make them out. They don’t accentuate flaking or enlarged pores on my skin.

The blending gives a pretty and sleek skin finish, yet the products still don’t look vibrant and will be good for everyday wear.

Build-up: It’s not so easy to build them up. One layer of the products shows the best results.

Staying power: Almost all the highlighters show a maximum staying power of about 4-5 hours. Later on they usually start to fade.

So, at first, let’s speak about the price and then pass over to my impressions.

Price. The price of this palette is $14.00. If we count a little, we’ll find out that one refill pan costs about $5.

Let’s take a notice of my thoughts about the product.

My subjective opinion is the following: the product has the right to exist, but isn't worth the money at all. Two of the three shades will be nice only for very fair skin-toned girls. Besides, these two look almost identical, once blended out.

So now I have a question: Do we buy a three shade palette to get only two shades all in all?

The next point is the price. $5 for such a texture… Well, come on. There are many other street-end highlighters which are stunning and less pricey.

So my verdict is: the texture is more or less bearable and the glow seems to be for an everyday wear. BUT, in the main, the palette isn’t worth the money it cost, as well as your attention. That’s why only three stars.

Thanks for reading my post!

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