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Written on Monday, May 22, 2017
Pros: compact size, conceals pores, doesn’t clog pores, healthy skin look, highlighting effect, isn’t seen on the face, lightweight coverage, pleasant to apply, spf 23, universal
Cons: a small amount of the product, price, pricey and not economical

Hello everybody!

Today I want to tell you about a great product by Lancome, the purchase of which was completely spontaneous and unforeseen. But when I came to the beauty store the sales rep immediately attracted my attention to this rather non-standard foundation fluid.

Let’s start with the design. The fluid is in the round plastic box with a completely mirrored tilting lid. On the lid itself there are always fingerprints and scratches (if you don't take it carefully). I use it only at home, so the outer look of my cushion stays good. I sometimes use the top lid as the mirror while doing my make-up. It’s very convenient and my face reflects fully there.

Let’s open the lid and here we can see a very convenient and pleasant to the touch puff with a labeled ribbon.

When the cushion is new, there’s a sticker under the puff with the name of the brand Lancôme on, which protected the sponge with the fluid inside from drying. For the first couple of times I tried to stick it back, but then I understood that there was no reason to do so, as the upper lid closes very tightly. So tightly, that sometimes it becomes even difficult to open it. So, I just threw the sticker away.

And here goes the most interesting part. What’s inside this miracle box called “cushion”?

The cushion is a small sponge with large pores filled with foundation, in our case - a foundation fluid.

How to use this miracle? I don’t think that I need to describe the process in great detail. :) Just put the puff on your finger, touch in the sponge with fluid and dab slightly.

The coverage will vary, depending on how much you press on the sponge: from the light and almost invisible, to the average and moderate coverage.

My thoughts:

I like the new Lancome product because of its design and the way it can be used (nothing needs to be untwisted, everything is in one place, it’s very similar to powder because of the compact size, the fluid and the puff are here in one place). I’m also very glad that there’s SPF 23.

I’m a bit concerned that there isn’t much of the fluid inside, only 14 g, considering the price and the fact that not all of the 14 g will be used of the face, something will definitely stay in the sponge, something will just dry out, I mean, it’s pricey!

The sales rep told me that the product is refillable and I can easily buy only the sponge and continue using the product.

I have my cushion in 01 color. My skin isn’t actually very fair, but this color matches mine perfectly well. It applies on the skin very evenly without patches, I think, this is probably because of the puff application. On my oily skin, the product stays well through the afternoon (I do my make-up around 6am) Sometimes after, I appear to have some dewy shine, which I easily correct with the blotting paper.

I’ve been using it every day for more than a month already, and I’m absolutely delighted with the result. It doesn’t clog my pores and doesn’t negatively affect my skin. I’m very thankful to it.

But, when one month passed by, I started to notice that there were less and less of the product in the sponge. Maybe it’s drying out, or just running out, which again, proves that it’s completely uneconomical.

The list of ingredients:

Product promises:

A smart, refillable compact. When the liquid in your Miracle Cushion compact runs dry, follow these quick steps to add a refill and replenish your foundation.

Step 1: Close the compact, flip it over.

Step 2: Push the bottom of the refill with both thumbs to pop out and discard.

Step 3: Take the new refill out of the packaging and pop into compact


Miracle Cushion is a liquid makeup that feels like a BB, acts like a foundation, and goes where you go, all in one compact. A hydrating liquid foundation with sheer to moderate coverage and a fresh, dewy finish. Suspended in a sponge-like cushion, the liquid is enclosed in an air-tight compact for perfect portability - anytime, anywhere. Skincare actives give this multi-tasking formula a boost of intense hydration and deliver a cooling sensation, all while brightening the appearance of skin.

The product is good and worth attention. And, of course, the refills make it easier to buy and use the product once again. And I’m definitely not gonna buy the whole cushion again, as it’s uneconomical.

I give it 5 stars!


Thanks for the attention!

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Amyr04ka recommends Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation

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