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Written on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hello my lovely readers! Many years I spent wandering around trying to find my ideal concealer, which I would give my heart, my soul and my skin for. Until the age of 20, I’d already tested many different concealers, until one day I just decided to visit the MAC Corner. I read thousands of positive reviews about this product, so I walked out of the corner with a small carton bag and a happy face, and couldn't wait to get rid of dark circles FOREVER! I mean during the working day at least.

Only now I am paying attention to the ingredients. The first one is silicone but no matter how strange that sounds the product didn’t clog my pores and didn't provoke acne.

The concealer is packed into a stylish glass bottle with a pump. The glass looks very thin and fragile but I can assure you that I dropped it several times onto different surfaces and nothing happened to the product. The glass remained safe and sound.

The size is 9 ml of precious cream. By the way, I’ve been using it for 9 months almost daily.


I will not be the first to say that the pump is awful. It’s really difficult to get used to!

No matter how you try, it’ll give out different amounts of the product each time. Sometimes it’s not enough, and you’ll have to press again. But the second time you press it, it’ll give you so much that it will be sufficient for two people.

My color was chosen by a girl who was working in the corner, and I’m really thankful to her! My color is NW20 and it’s just perfect! It was great in spring and autumn, when I was pale. But it also works good in summer, when I have a tan. It’s just a miracle concealer.

The color is light with yellowish undertone. Pay attention to how from a small drop it turns into a big spot on the whole hand. The cream blends easily, you’ll need a small drop for everyday makeup. The scent is light and cosmetic.

For this concealer I always need two brushes: one for concealer (to apply) and a duo fibre brush (to blend). Also in the photo you can see my skin condition: new pimples on the chin and above the lip, and also dark circles under the eyes and uneven skin color.

I dotty apply the concealer on problem areas, BUT I blend it on the whole face!

The result: even, beautiful skin. But, unfortunately, with a total matte finish.

And photos to compare:

The concealer blends easily, it conceals dark circles and acne. You can apply layer upon layer, and receive even and smooth skin color without cakiness, which is a definite advantage I think. The cream is rather light, despite great coverage. It doesn’t provoke acne or subcutaneous pimples. It doesn’t dry out the skin but doesn't moisturize it as well. The product doesn’t roll up during the day and doesn’t clog pores.

BUT it has two fundamental disadvantages: The price. It is pricey for me, even though I’ve been using it for 9 months. Also, the finish. As I’ve already told before it’s totally matte. You'll have to use other products like blush and highlighter to create a natural look. This is the price for great coverage.

Yes, I'd recommend MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. It does its job perfectly, as for the price it's a relative concept.

Thank you for your attention!

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maza recommends MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

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