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Written on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hello people!


Last year I finally had a chance to meet a product by the American brand OFRA Cosmetics. In one of the beauty boxes I found a small yet weighty refill pan with a highlighter in the color Bliss.

The color looked gorgeous but, alas it was too dark for my skin tone. This is why most frequently I used it as an eyeshadow, each time being overwhelmed with emotions when I touched its buttery-like yet powder texture and saw a beautiful glow.

Well, the lighter shade of the product cost $35 and I couldn’t afford it, especially taking in mind that I’ve already had a pile of highlighters on my vanity like ones by Urban Decay, Luna by Luna, and the so hyped MaryLou by theBalm, as well as Missha M Prism Blending Ball Blusher.

So one day I was surfing the net when I visited the Ofra Cosmetics official website to see the new launches, when I actually saw the so desired “Sale” sign for the set with the Everglow trio highlighter and 3 lipsticks which were released in collaboration with the famous YouTube blogger Nikkitutorials. At first the price of the set was something about $70, give or take. But here it was discounted to $45. How could I resist it? I clicked and added the set to the cart. Later I thought about it again and decided to leave it out. Yes-yes, I’m a girl and girls tend to be changeable, you know. I almost pressed the “back” button when they inserted a coupon for $10!

I didn’t have much time to think it over. My mind started to work very quickly. Let’s count a little, one lipstick by OFRA costs $20 but here they offer a set with three lipsticks + the Everglow highlighter for $35… Without any further ado I filled in all the forms and placed an order. Some time later the sacred box was delivered to my place and I have finally managed to get my hands onto it.

The highlighter has 10g of the contents

Made in the USA

The ingredients aren’t tested on animals.

The price of the highlighter without a set is $35.


❇️ Packaging

It’s simple and unhackneyed. The plastic material is very lightweight. For the price tag it costs, I deem the packaging looks too cheap, guys. Even the Wet n Wild highlighter which cost $5 looks more decent than this one.

❇️ The product doesn’t have any fragrance to it.


❇️ Texture - the texture is branded and very silky to the touch. The grain is super fine.


❇️ Pigmentation. It’s insane! One light swipe of the brush over the surface of the highlighter is enough to get the “visible from the space” highlighter effect on my skin. At the same time the shimmer looks very delicately on my face and not at all vulgar, as there aren’t any big particles to the formula.


❇️ The product dusts a little during application so it’s better not to take too much of the product on a brush as your matte liquid lipstick has all the chances to become shimmer-y. :)😌


❇️ Considering the pigmentation of the product, it becomes very simple and easy to overdo with it and apply too much. But it’ll also be very easy to touch-up and take off the undesired amount of the product with your fingers. At the same time the highlighter will look as though polished into the skin, creating a glow from within effect.

❇️ Wear time. The staying power of this product is decent. It easily lives though a working day of 8 hours yet I can’t say that it remains of the same glow as in the morning. I mean, I can still see it present on my skin but the glow seems to be 3 times less obvious in comparison with the just applied highlighter.


❇️ Color

The highlighter is actually a trio wheel. There are three shades here to flatter any skin tone:

  • the first seems to be perfect if you have fair complexion (like me). Here the highlighter has a baked milk color.

  • the champagne colored highlighter is for girls with medium skin tone.

  • and of course for the darker skin colors there’s a copper highlighter.


Since my skin is very pale, I use only the lightest shade as a highlighter for me.

Or maybe I mix it with the tiniest bit of the champagne highlighter as well. By the way, these highlighters work nice as eyeshadows.

There isn’t an eyeshadow product that I wear alone on my eyes, I mean I always use an eyeshadow primer beforehand. So, I can’t tell you anything about the wear time of these highlighters used as eyeshadows if worn solo. But I can tell you that over a base they hold on well and blinding like there’s no tomorrow till the moment I remove them from my eyes.

I don’t regret an inch that I bought this set by OFRA Cosmetics and I can highly recommend this Everglow highlighter for purchasing.

But in general I have to assess the product only with 4 stars for the flimsy and plain packaging. When I hold a 35-buck product in my hands, I want to feel it that I’m holding an OFRA product, and not a product by Maybelline or E.L.F. Cosmetics.


Thanks for reading my post and see you in the next reviews!

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mystery recommends OFRA Cosmetics Everglow Highlighter

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